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  1. Im going to have to agree with you on this one. Even if they release an update for the 21st, we wont get the update early. So all we can do is wait for now.
  2. This might seem out of place but isn't it supposed to be 1/3/12? Or am I just going crazy?
  3. Noob Sailbot right? Yeah Takeo seems to fit :)
  4. My XBOX360 would prob overheat after 8 hours and i would fall asleep after 17 :lol:
  5. Seems a little bit...uhh...more "big boned" than Hudson to me :?
  6. Your post and profile picture seem to match perfectly for this occasion :lol:
  7. Holy Sh*t McNuggets how did he get negative brains? :shock: Someones messin' with the system again! :facepalm:
  8. SoleToaster

    Hangar 18

    That's kinda cool i guess...
  9. OMFG 3 repeat threads! Ya might want to delete 2 of them bud.
  10. Not necessarily. Was it in the spawn point in Der Riese? No. Shi No Numa? No. Verruckt? Yes and No. It depends. Remember what they said about the Moon map? They said it will have something from every map. Not only Black Ops maps. So maybe just maybe, we will start off split up (Like Verruckt),and find Quick Revive (Like all the World at War maps ). You never know what 3arch is going to come up with. Did we know we would be kicking zombie baby's in the face in Paradise? No. /rant
  11. All other gameplay is finished; I'd imagine this is the same story. I hadn't thought of that :oops:
  12. Or it's just that they were just still editing the map :|
  13. What about like Verruckt? Remember? When they were split up ONE group had Quick Revive and the other group had Juggernog. So maybe it will be the same.
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