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    Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    i did buy the prestige edition i would find it unfair if people dident buy it its there fault i busted my ass off for 3 weeks mowing lawns and pulling weeds with my bare hands. :x
  2. BladeChurch

    Create ur own perk

    Hey can i get some perks done i wanted to make my own but hey i suck at it also these perks are for fun Name:Tele-Pepsi (Teleporter) Logo:A Pepsi logo with a wounder waffe with lighting around it Color:Pepsi color and Wounder waffe just wounder waffe Effect:Teleports you when pressing down on the D-Pad to mainframe when your cornered and zombies grabing you it takes 2 rounds to recharge 1 when round 20 is hit Cost:3000 Map:Der Riese Name:Time Aid Logo:A Clock with a vortex Color:Blue and Black Effect:It will erase your zombie Misstakes say you Go to revive someone and you get down and lose your perks you regret trying well cry no more by pressing down on the D-Pad you will go back in time (A Round) and it will be like you never tried to save him all your perks intact and your guns too this does not affect your teamates only you also say you spent 5000 points to pack a punch a round ago you use this your PaP is gone and your not Refunded you can only use this 15 times any time you want Cost:5000 Map:Any Name:Sam Revenge 115 (I REALY WANT A LOGO FOR THIS) Logo:the Shangri la stone with all 7 perks around it with a Evil Teddy with Sams name sticthed into it red eyes holding the stone with a dark portal to Ather behind it Color:Blood Red and Black Effect:All 7 perks are given too you a PaPed WounderWaffe DG-2 Not Bad right seems like Heaven a Zombie fans dream perk it mucth cost thousands of points no its Free but it comes with a Price a Dark One :twisted: ill give you hint: Hey why is Teddy Bear in my invontory hey why is the Sky Red whats that is that a Gersh portal but im playing Kino WTF who are you no no no is the game demented no stay back Sa-And whats that sound its the sound of a emty zombies map wait where did you know who take you Cost:Free but with a Dark Price oh not going to drink me :evil: remember Curiosity killed the cat (Players) :twisted: Name:Blade Church Dew (my own custum perk just for fun PLEASE MAKE THIS ONE to) Logo:A Golden Rod on top A Foucusing Stone on Bottom A Teddy Bear holding a Bowie knife in one hand and a Sicle in the other in the Middle with The numbers 115 in blood red Letters bottom off Bear Color:Black and Red the colors of Words Blade:Blue Church:torn up and old looking Black Effect:Can Teleport to any map and have Blade Church Luck Cost:10000000(Free for Blade Church)

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