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    the wires..

    Got a couple thoughts about the stray wires hanging from turbine doors, theyre all so convienetly placed so from one side you have to be in the fog, maybe theyre making it harder for us? Anyway with the right timing shooting the wire from eithrr side and maybe they'll fuse together aand make the doors free to open or something? Not really an easter egg thing but it would be handy if it works..
  2. Yeah it is. Have a look yourself can you? Ive only ever looked at it wih m14 or pistol, it NEEDS closrr examination i reckon.. Interesting, if only I still had my Jtag to noclip over there. But the fact there is only 1 type of that car (Maybe 2) and it's on a poster, probably means it's important. Also isn't that the direction the bus comes from (Back Corner)
  3. I've searched the whole map for that sedan, it's got a very definative grill.. and to be honest i think i found it.. at the depot, goto the back corner window opposite the telephones, on the other side of the barrier out there is a sedan, and the best part, it has the same looking grill, although its facing the other way.. maybe a close up with a scope might feveal something..? Also ontop of the dinrr if you look towards the tunnel,theres a car only visible on the right angle, needing a vari zoom scope to see up close.. might be something cos that road is awfully clear from that diner..
  4. The bus comes from the other side of depot, right? So what if you unload a couple bullets on a zombie and a stab, buy the depot door and run to the back near the navcard, open bus doors and if you do it fast enough it could be a bridge for us up that ledge? Maybe even a glitch spot atleast..
  5. It was called something like 'treyarch reverse psycology' nothing really about grenades but it points out there could be little things we missed in the EE
  6. I saw a comment before about maybe treyarch adds to the hype so we miss stuff, the little things, ya know? Well later on i'm going to just grenade everything i get a chance to, whethr it be windows or little holes iin buildings, to even vehicles.. could get nothing, could blow open a door from the inside out, like the bank? Who knows really.. If anyone else can just try grenading/emping/monkey-ing stuff that looks of interes during your normal gaming then maybe someone could get lucky?..
  7. Im losing hope.. Heres an idea, everyone here with a twitter account, tweet the dev "Are we waisting our time" or "have we messed up?" Enough people asking the same question and with alot of people losing hope, we should at the least get a confirm as to if we are doing it wrong.. its not like he would be disclosing info..
  8. Has anyone tried setting their xboxs toi 12/12/12? Or better yet 11/12/12 11:50 pm? I would imagine youd need to play offline..? Ya just never know with these sly puppies.
  9. Theres no doubt the zombies team would search forums once in a while, so they would/should have fixed this by now, i hope.. :/
  10. http://www.npr.org/2011/03/26/134379296 ... never-used Thoughts?
  11. Just had a look around the roof with a sniper, and theres actually a sedan that seems to have the grill like the poster? Deffs gonna pap a sniper and have a closer look.. Maybe thats why you cant play diner as a map? Stops people focusing around the diner..
  12. Power on/off, build nav machine, build turbine, turbine two lamps and one at spire, then theoretically theres the tricotomus system..
  13. Maybe, just maybe someone take a packapunch variavle zoom sniper ontop of the diner and investigate the cars on the road behind the diner? It would tie in with a magnifying class and thats where our mystery sedan could be?
  14. Well we all first thought we needed 4 player to do maxis, then we realised it can be done with two.. and now my thoughts are on going different ways about it, what if we can do it solo? You still hear the voices and have all the same stuff, there could be a way to go about it to at the least reach the acheiv..? And what if the electric trap means something else? Instead of turbine power how about avorgado into it then emping? Trapping him? :/ just a thought.
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