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  1. We are definitely going to see some zombie related news soon. 3Arc posted this on the same day. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 669&type=1 I don't think it was a coincidence.
  2. Was just watching BO2 livestream and I saw they have a lightning strike killstreak. I haven't done much research but this might mean that weather warfare is used in BO2. With this being said it might make an appearance in Zombie mode as well. Just some thoughts.
  3. Dude that would be a straight rip off of MW3's survival. I've never played mw3. This came straight out of my head. LOL. Even your quote is a rip off of JFK.
  4. Sounds a little like Survival in MW3 which I'm not a fan of.
  5. I'm just putting a couple of pieces together. You descriped the enemy as a larger organization as the number stations tech. We'll according to http://www.tacitus.com/ the company Tacitus deals with data bases and analysis. Also Monopaly Mac has a theory that posted here. viewtopic.php?f=81&t=21298. Perhaps Tacitus will portray itself to protect the public but is really the enemy in the BLOPS II story. edit* please excuse my grammar and spelling
  6. Good stuff man. I'm looking further into this myself. Hopefully I'll find something good.
  7. The level that they mention "Paradise" is in Loas along with the location of the Multiplayer level Jungle... I don't think there was any Aztec or Mayan people in Southeast Asia. I don't see 3arc just mashing up levels and countries like you say they are. 3arc tries to make the story seem historically correct.
  8. I've tried flopping at the bottom of the lighthouse but it won't let you.
  9. More than likely the map is already made and if not, it is very close to being finished. They are just waiting to release it at the best possible moment in regards to potential revenue.
  10. [brains] for you. I was thinking about this the other day and this makes perfect sense.
  11. What confuses me is the connection between an Aztec calendar and Laos. They are from opposite sides of the world.
  12. yeah... they are stealing all our ideas because we are smarter than them. once you become a big video game company i hear you lose the ability to imagine and be creative. What he means is he thinks that 3arch is putting gameplay and user demand as a higher priority than getting a solid story.
  13. I agree with this. The story in zombies may exist, but it is pretty loose.
  14. agreed. He didn't say anything that would be deemed offensive. If he did, it seems that even mentioning 9/11 is offensive, which is just downright silly troll.
  15. But Takeo does have a bigger role than many think. When Richtofen erased hes, Dempsey's, and Nikolai's memories, Takeo actually retained his, so soon enough we'll see Takeo getting a spotlight of his own. Were is it stated or implied that Takeo has retained his memory?
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