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  1. I've been wanting to post this for a while but have been very busy so it might already be on here. I was watching my brother play S-L and he was Richtofen and he had the Golden Rod. Now i don't know if he did anything to get it but it was a early round and i played as Richtofen and it wasn't at the bottom of the screen, my friends have said they didn't have it either when they were Richtofen. Any thoughts or ideas
  2. did only you hear him say that and who were you
  3. thats not what im talking about. the whole game was done, i was tank and only i heard richtofen talk about stone nobody else
  4. yeah but why did only i hear it, could there be something with Dempsey here, i didnt even pick up the stone
  5. Well i did the easter egg and someone who wasn't Richtofen picked up the stone, after the game ended only i heard Richtofen say "now that this over with ill be taking that" i was Dempsey if that helps at all
  6. did richtofen say anything at the end of the game
  7. lol, poor Logan. In the NGTZombies vid for the "zombie vision", they tried that area and didn't see anything immediately noticeable, maybe get a little closer? Also I think I remember someone saying they shot it with the PaP'd Vril and nothing happened. Could someone get a screenshot of the whole thing though? There might be something we're missing. i feel stupid, thats one of their vids i didnt watch
  8. so no one shot it with the VR-11 or got hit with the VR-11 and looked at it
  9. not that much stuff tho, we can tell Dempsey is a badass i personally think Richtofens cool, i like Nikolia too but Takeo doesn't really stuff thats funny or stupid he just says "for the emporer", and stuff about honor. really your killing zombies who cares about honor, he isnt interesting enough too mention in most zombie conversastions. i cant be the only one who feels that way
  10. thats what i meant by "main component" Takeo is bland and he isn't funny and rarely says cool stuff or stuff of meaning
  11. yes the first part but :evil: HELL NO :!: Nikolia will stay he is a main component in the group. Вы чертовски капиталистических свиней
  12. Ok say Richtofen did kill Takeo, who should replace him, i think it would be cool to play as Dr. Maxis. Maybe Samantha killed Takeo for some reason, like retaining his memory unlike the others when they were exposed to element 115, and Dr. Maxis realizes that Samantha was too powerful and they unite to stop her. Takeo is okay a bit more in my book thanks to your posts but if they would kill off a person i still think it should be Takeo, it would make the most sense
  13. to me Takeo is REALLY boring and doesnt really contribute to th escheme of things, maybe if he had a bigger role like Richtofen i would consider liking him
  14. Ok so dont get me wrong i like the zombie crue, but i just dont like Takeo. i mean he barely says anything worth listening to, he doesnt even look that cool besides the UNusable katana. so i wanna know if you would or wouldn't kill Takeo and if you would who would you replace him with, but not someone from call of the dead or a real person,because the zombie crue arn't real people. I vote to kill him off in the new place(maybe a zombie infested Savage Land kind of place, for all the Marvelites out there) and replace him with a person like Ka-Zar(again for you Marvelites), or a bad ass chick, or possibly some kind of agent sent to investigate something(dont know how that would fit in to the storyline, might post a new topic about it some time later) again just a thought to replace Takeo. So let me know what you think
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