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  1. Anyone notice how the audio of having the PES on (the breathing) sounds exactly like the Black Ops main menu? You can even hear the whispers too if you listen closely. Garaunteed they just reused the sound so they didnt have to make a new audio track but still.
  2. BicBoi96


    Well guess whos fucking RIGHT!!! I swore I'd never ask for brains but seriously [brains]
  3. But I'm hoping for new GUNS, I would really love some new Assualt Rifles and Machine Guns... not laser guns or rifles that give zombies boners-like seriously fuck off give us something real. ! (Although I'm pretty sure Zombies are fake too...) So there it's settled, lets drop the Zombie boner giving guns and shit like that and go to shooting bears instead of zombies lol. :roll: Seriously though please give us some new guns Treyarch.
  4. We don't all know it will be in the next map pack. A lot of people thought that A51 was gonna be in MP4 in WaW so we can't just jump to conclusions even if there is "evidence".
  5. I honestly think that an underwater map (or partially) would be so badass, It could be kinda like Bioshock. A New perk would allow you to navigate through massive puddles of water formed by leaks faster, another new one would increase knifing damage drastically and would also increase lunging distance and would help with switching weapons faster. There would be actual bosses... not George ._. and swimming enemies (115 effected fish?) new taps such as an airlock etc. and new transporting utilities like slides, subs that transport you to the other side of the map, and transport tubes that go through the water! How sick would that be? New objectives to opening certain areas, like finding pieces to doors(like in five for the traps), getting objects to certain people (like Bioshock again), and in one part of the map (you would have to complete a one of the easter eggs) there would be a retro weapons vault with the PPSH, STG, MP40, and Thompson!!! Of course you would still have to pay to buy the weapons but still. Upgrading would be buffed and the map would have tight coridors yet some wide open areas and tones of rooms. The map would be a little bit bigger than Call of the Dead but not much, this map would be a team oriented map and would discourage rape trains, but you still could run a circuit. I just got a serious hard on from thinking about this(!) how about you? Oh and one more thing... FLAMETHROWER!!!!
  6. So some of us think that Richtoffen will be the antagonist or branch off from the rest of the gang in the next map pack. Well, obviously then, we need a fourth character. Does anybody seem to remember a Mexican that Richtoffen was experimenting on? Maybe he didnt actually die? And like Takeo says when looking at the blank portrait in Kino "Perhaps what once was, is no more, but shall be again!" Maybe he's dead but has become revived (By quick revive lol, jk). I guess we'll have to wait to find out. I'm a [brains] whore, [brains] please?
  7. Safeguard Soda: 2500 points Keep all perks but this one when downed.
  8. Honestly this time I actually think the original Zombies storyline is done. Anyone else?
  9. Name: Jeffrey Cost: 7500 Effect: Allows you to stroke the furry wall. Downside: Mass paranoia and heart attacks Picture of a smoking spliff HAHAHAHAHAHA YES! THE JEFFREY; when life slips you a jeffrey, stroke a furry wall.
  10. BicBoi96


    Aweh Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh
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