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  1. You've reminded me of how frugal I am with my money-- I haven't bought a new game since Persona 4 Golden back in February. That game is god tier, by the way. Easily in my top 5. The characters are so relatable and fun, and a lot of that has to do with the way the game is structured. Sorta a life simulator with turn based dungeon crawling sections. Definitely recommend it if you have a PS Vita or PSTV (costs only like $40), or alternatively buying the original P4 off the PS3's store. I think I also got the Mass Effect Trilogy and Metal Gear Rising for my birthday if thos
  2. I'm the exact opposite. I think there's no way this game is going to be any good. Check out my post in my unpopular opinions thread if you really want to know why.
  3. So I think at this point it's fair to say that E3 was kind of a disappointment compared to last year, particularly conference-wise. As far as stuff not shown in conference, I was blown away. Zelda looks amazing, I'm more hyped for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 than ever, and I got some cool looks at persona 5. God of War and the new South Park game have also convinced me. I guess I take it back a bit, it's not a disappointing year, it just didn't blow my mind like last year.
  4. Hate to break it to ya, but it's always been that way, since WaW. I don't sense a change for that happening anytime soon.
  5. Maybe not for #2. Well, I guess it probably won't be a sequel to the 2008 game, but I know a tester who has a bit of inside info on Ubisoft who claims that'll be revealed during E3. Take that with a grain of salt, though.
  6. I'm bored and haven't done much here in several months, and with E3 coming up in roughly 3 weeks I figured I'd make a thread like this. So, without further adieu, what are you most hyped to see during E3? There's quite a few things to choose from now. I guess we could also make this a discussion post when E3 finally does arrive. For the time being, what I'm most excited for is to get a Persona 5 release date and some more Kingdom Hearts 3 stuff. Really anything. Please, don't kill my dreams, Square. Not expecting too many surprises this year, but anything truly "new" would also be
  7. Usually. The thing is, we got that type of map first instead. I don't think they're gonna do that twice.
  8. It does sorta. Still, could well be WW2-era, and if we're looking for the test subjects it's pretty much guaranteed to be WW2. COTD kinda has that aesthetic in certain areas of the lighthouse iirc, and that place originated in WW2. Come to think of it, doesn't moon sorta have that design as well? Granted, that's in space, but it was occupied in WW2 as well.
  9. Oh good, it's a swampy map. For those that don't know me, I loved SNN back in the day, so this really excites me. I have a feeling the inside of that facility will have the underwater area. Swamps don't usually get that deep. What part of it looks future-esque? Looks fairly WW2 to me. The plane in the sky and in the swamp might give us a better idea. We can also pretty much say with 95% certainty that the O4 will be here given that we learned that they have to kill the other 2 test subjects, and this definitely seems very SNN-esque, pointing to it being Takeo's map.
  10. I think I talked with my friend who I was playing runescape with (I miss being 13). He mentioned Nazi Zombies. I'd heard about it before from other people, but never bothered to check it out. He piqued my curiosity, so I looked up a few videos. I saw 3 videos from verruckt by a youtuber named Criken2 (he's got some pretty decent videos, btw, would recommend), which sold me on the game immediately. Think I bought WaW the next day. Played through the game to get Nacht. Started out, went to the window furthest away from the help room, and stayed there. Heard noise, but didn't know from w
  11. Wasn't a huge fan of this one. It feels off key. I feel like the problem with it is, the vocals and instrumental parts don't match up. Alone both are fine, but together it just sounds off. Still, not the worst song by any means.
  12. @Zelkova How on earth is that silly? It makes perfect sense, and actually gets rid of a lot of unnecessary convolusion which is so prevalent in the storyline as is.
  13. What about "it's the same up until Richtofen is killed" don't you understand? I never said it was the same. I'm just saying it was the same up to that point.
  14. ....Okay? S0 why bother calling him radio Richtofen when he's the one we killed? A darker Groph? We don't really know the original all that well, so that point is moot. Right. 2 Dempsey's. I did not dispute that. In fact, you're going off on a tangeant, of course they used time travel to get from Origins to the Giant. I'm merely stating this is the same timeline from WaW to BO2, up until Richtofen 1.0 is killed. Origins makes it a bit trickier, but my guess is that their timeline was changed completely, and is separate from the main one.
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