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Posts posted by The Clay Bird

  1. On 2/15/2019 at 12:59 PM, Spider3000 said:

    Mainly in regards to how post-launch content is handled almost exclusively across the board nowadays. CoD’s competitors (BFV, Fortnite, now Apex Legends etc) are all either F2P or have a free Live Service in place. Honestly, this can all be traced back to Fortnite. If that game hadn’t been the most successful the industry had ever seen, then the method of releasing 3-4 DLC’s with a season pass would probably still be the norm. Personally, I have no problem paying for map packs. So much effort goes into the Zombies maps alone that I feel that my purchase is worthwhile.

    The thing about Fortnite is, look at their revenue numbers.   Yes it is Free to play, but based on the stats, people are ending up buying so many of the little trinkets that they offer they end up spending $100+ on the game over time.  Personally, and this may be different to some, I much prefer buying my digital deluxe COD for $100 and that's it.  I don't spend a penny more, yet I still get hundreds upon hundreds of other customization items over the years, and I get all of the zombies content and MP content.

  2. 4 hours ago, Lenne said:

    For me personally it did feel this way since BO II, but I gotta agree, slowly but surely it got worse over time, but Classified and IX are a nice breath of old air. Have you tried those maps?

    Yes, Those are the two I have played the most.  I LOVE IX. It is super fun.  My only gripe with it is the boss zombies appear waaaayyyy too often, it makes it a little less fun, but still it is the map I've played the most.  I'm very glad they gave us such variety with 4 maps in BO4, I'm enjoying it a lot.  And as time goes on I'm sure I'll learn the intracacies of the other 2 maps

  3. 7



    Obviously I haven't taken the time to learn this map yet, but in general I have had a much harder time in BO4 than any previous COD.  Seems much tougher to me.  I have a round 66 on Mob of the Dead.  Oh well, guess I need to watch 2 hours of youtube videos as is custom with the new era of zombies maps in order to learn how to make it anywhere out of the 20's



    Also no offense meant, but it seems like several of these screenshots show people on either custom mutations or beginner/easy/ whatever is left of Normal mode

  4. 3 minutes ago, jiipee95 said:

    Yeah definitely agree with you. I want to be able to jump into maps and just play. Most of the time figuring out "quest" stuff is fun for the first few times and then it just gets really annoying chore you have to do. Just have the basic things available without too much of a hassle: power, perks, PAP, mystery box, WW in the mystery box... Everyne was super hyped for zombie chronicles in BO3... a dlc that consisted 7 WAW and BO1 maps that aren't very complex. Now a lot of people are most hyped about Classified, another BO1 map remade. Treyarch should be aware of this.


    What comes to mutations, which I haven't really looked up yet cause I don't want to know too much before getting into the game, it can be fun to tweak some options around but I really REALLY hope it disables all leaderboard stuff for that run. If it doesn't might as well just not even track highest rounds anymore.

    Im pretty certain it disables leaderboards, but still, anyone who uses that stuff is going to be unconcerned with the leaderboards anyway.    It really diminishes the game mode, and the reason the mode became so popular in the first place is because the game flowed so well.   You had to earn points to open doors and get better guns, and as you did the enemies get stronger, and you have to find better weaponry and or locations to survive.   I mean how stupid and boring will these maps be with a mutation that allows you to start on round 1 with 50 grand?    Custom games on BO2 weren't too bad because you chose the starting round, and then got some more points to coincide, but jeez all these maps will be opened and explored in 5 seconds if you just start round 1 with 50000 points. Ruins the whole concept of the mode imo

  5. Long time no see folks.   What I really hope to see this year is a return to a mode that is accessible to everyone, from those who play for 30 minutes while waiting for their friends to get on MP, to those like us here who are hard core fans.   Blundell so far has completely alienated all of my friends who i used to binge zombies with in the BO1 days.   Now part of that is us getting older and gaining more responsibilities.   But much of it is that every map is so complex that you need to spend 3 hours studying youtube videos just to succeed on the map.  Used to be you had to do that for the EE, but you could play the map without any real complex instructions.      Now you end up doing 40% of the EE just to unlock the Pap machine.  That's dumb as hell


    Now also i have seen some of the leaks of these "mutations".  Dude starts a game of Voyage with 50,000 pts.   WTF is that shit?   fuck why even make doors or points at all?   that is some big time bull shit.   I think Jason Blundell is a decent story teller, sucks ass at making maps, and also should be a pariah for bastardizing the great story we had originally in zombies from WaW to BO2 Buried.   He should have just started a brand new story when they had him to origins


    I know my opinions are not popular, but it isn't just 1 or 2 people I know who quit around the time of Origins.   It's like 15 of my friends who I played zombies for hours and hours over the years with, and they all quit trying because it had lost the simple fun gameplay that made the mode so fun in the beginning.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

    Honestly, if Blundell is the story man and responsible for the direction - which we know he is. Then he is solely responsible for BOIII and the utter disgrace he brought to the franchise and to the ending of this story.

    We bought into this for years and all he has done is ignore pretty much everything that was before BOII and took us on a widl tangent of aliens and apothicons and utter fucking drivel.

    Compete and total waste of my time to be honest, I only like Der Eisendrache and Gorod Krovi, even BOII was better than this shite (in fairness two of my favourite maps were on BOII, MoTD and Origins).

    Absolutely could not agree more. He tried to appease us long time players by grasping for loose ties to the real story, but as far as I'm concerned, Blundell's story is nothing more than shitty CoD zombies Star Trek fan fiction

  7. It has grown on me slightly.  But it is still in my bottom 1/3 of zombies maps overall.  It is just too far removed from what I fell in love with  in the zombies mode.  I know there is a lot of pressure from us toward the team these days to make things very cryptic and complicated, but at this point i have played enough games with randoms to realize that this map is just too convoluted for anyone other than the extreme die-hards.  It is a niche map, and I'll get around to mastering it, but it is too odd and complicated to really appeal to me at this point

  8. seemed like if you hadn't played in a while there would be like a bonus one immediately, but after that it's right on that 45 minute time.  I recorded about 100 supply drops in my notes on my phone, ill post them in a minute




    here it is.  this was a night of consecutive TDM playing and the times are from right after the match in which i earned the drop


  9. On 2/16/2016 at 11:05 AM, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

    It's more like 20 minutes of time ever. I played in the DLC maps primarily, and a lot in the grapple moshpits if that makes a difference, but yeah, I got a supply drop JUST ABOUT every game.  About my 3rd death each game as well. 

    waaaaiiiit a minute.  If you are remembering this correctly (i'm not saying you're lying)  you got double the amount of supply drops than the average player.  It was tested many many times by different people, and it was like clockwork 45 minuites on average.  I'd get one every 4th or 5th game of TDM or Domination.  Same for all my friends.   If this indeed did happen to you, then you got to benefit from some awesome glitch

  10. 32 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

    Having had a quick blast of it today, it looks good, fairly impressed. Although all I have to say on the subject is this.

    ACTIVISION, what where you thinking putting it on PS first? That controller is simply awful, absolutely dire. The thumb sticks are in completely the wrong position (not a natural position at all), the trigger buttons just feel weird and un-natural as well, you really need to stretch to get RB/LB and it's uncomfortable. Makes playing zombies pretty difficult imo.

    On another note, PS, what were you thinking with the PS4 controller? It's awful, it absolutely stinks.

    I'm so glad somebody else feels this way.  It wasn't the only factor in my decision to get an Xbox One, but it was definitely a strong one.  The controller is just Carpal Tunnel Syndrome waiting to happen.  Maybe it works well for childs hands, but I don't even have extra large hands for an adult and I can't handle the PS controller.  the thumb sticks suck, the triggers are WAY worse than XB controller. and the handles are very uncomfortable

    Sorry nothing to contribute to the thread obvs since i have xbox, but nice to let that little rant out lol

  11. 1 hour ago, TimelordAlex said:

    This seems like Origins and MOTD combined, if so, sign me up.

    This is exactly why I was a little bummed.  I feel like we liked the dog heads, and the gondola, and the Panzer (wait did anyone actually like the panzer?)  because they were new and exciting.  The only new thing I saw in the trailer were the Gravity spikes and the sparrow (which aren't really new to anyone who has played Multiplayer)  


    So i'm not going nuts over this just yet.  Obviously as an xbox user i have plenty of time to see what else the map has to offer, but it seems to me that Blundell and his team were really rushed for this one, and didn't have time to innovate new things, so they just cherry picked old features people liked from his maps, and set them in an Austrian castle.   PROVE ME WRONG DER EISENDRACHE

  12. Great post @Chopper

    I'm not aware of the method to remove margwa's from the map, but I'm going to assume that it isn't necessarily a design intentionally implemented by the devs, and I feel the Margwa's are an integral part of the map.  In the spirit of the game, i feel like that would be considered glitching, whether or not it really has a tangible effect on reaching higher rounds.

    Now the flags max ammo thing, that is an intentional function in the game to assist in the flag steps, so i really don't see a problem with that.  It is more of a problem in the easter egg design in my opinion, where I'd like to see more things like puzzles and riddles to be solved rather than "kill things here then kill things there" type of design


    Good food for thought though!

  13. 10 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

    How would you guys feel if the way to upgrade it wasn't in the game from the start, and only added in via a patch. The Binding of Isaac had a similar thing which got a bit of backlash, I'm just curious if people would be fine with that or not?

    I guess I would be ok with this, but I really think it should be clear to us the fans/players whether or not it is possible to upgrade.  I know they love the cryptic "ohhhh maybe it is maybe it isn't ohhhhh wouldn't you like to know" stuff, but I really think it is unfair to the people who are working to find an upgrade if in fact none exists.


    I look at it like the ray gun mk 2.  It got added in to the other maps via patch, and I think that was fine, but nobody was running tranzit streams every day searching for the Ray gun mk 2 for 6 months before lol.  

  14. 4 hours ago, Tac said:

    I personally don't think this is how it went down, really.  They didn't mean for us to upgrade it in the last month (but if we did on accident, great), and now they're paving the way.  I don't see this as something they're doing just to help us out because we can't solve it but should be able to.  I think this was the plan the entire time.

    I am not ruling out that perhaps this really was the case, but that seems pretty uncharacteristic and rather shady does it not?  It seems to me they would want you to have the same experience playing the map no matter whether you were playing it on launch day or in 3 years or today or whatever.

    Do you think then that perhaps there is a apothicon dictionary of sorts in the game that nobody discovered that would help us translate the directions?  Or did they think that somebody would just upgrade it on accident in the first 6  weeks?


    Idk it is just quite puzzling that they would do it that way

  15. A quick opinion after all of this new information from the trailer:


    How could treyarch think it was a good idea to include an easter egg, that was vital to a core game mechanic (i consider upgrading a wonder weapon a vital core mechanic) that could only be solved by translating a language that THEY MADE UP, and gave no hints as to how to translate? and thus they had to give us the translation 2 months later in a teaser trailer for the next map.


    Look, I get it. People love the easter eggs, and it is very appealing to have a map that has undiscovered things that people can continue to look for.  Shadows of evil on it's own is a great map IMO.  But easter egg wise they wildly crossed the tipping point.  Why can't they make the "achievement EE" the one that is this hard to discover, and make the ones that affect core game mechanics (opening PaP, upgrading/obtaining WW, upgrading other equipment) organic and something that just occurs as part of the normal gameplay.


    I have long defended everything Treyarch has done zombies wise, because by and large it has been absolutely fantastic.  Jimmy Z kind of lost his fire in BO2, and Blundell was able to find some new things that people enjoy, but he has taken it way too far, and needs to find a balance, or else he is going start losing people on this.  Notice no big youtube personalities, barely any of our even most devoted members, are searching for things in this map anymore because it is just too vague, and in the end the benefit is not worth the work in-game.


    Rant over, and I really hope that there is a line drawn in the sand for Der Eisendrache between story side quest type stuff, and gameplay stuff

  16. 2 hours ago, PINNAZ said:

    @steviewonder87 Think of earlier times. The story is going backwards in time. Just look at what people thought & called the first plane or a meteor etc. If Iron Kite did refer to a rocket, it's a great play on words.


    In an alternate universe, perhaps the band that plays Stairway to Heaven would be called Iron Kite.....


    :Smiley Sunglasses:

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