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  1. Happy Friday folks!

    1. Lenne


      To you as well, Clay. ❤️

    2. way2g00d


      Hi There! Nice to see you Clay!

    3. anonymous


      The bird flies

  2. Miss you guys here at CODZ   Hope everyone is doing well, and would love to connect with you guys online soon.  Loving Infinity wards take on zombies, and still would love to dig in and do some BO3 zombies

  3. Man!  Sorry I've been MIA but my company blocked CoDz!   Just wanted to stop in and say i love you all and LOVE all the content the members and forum channel have been bringing.  Excellent stuff guys.

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Aw! That's rough, man! Been there! So glad you've stopped in. Hope you can become regular again someday. 

    2. Lenne


      Clay! Buddy, I hope you are doing good... besides the CoDz situation of course. 



  4. Possibly a trailer today??? 

    1. Abel!


      What makes you think that?

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      my only thought is that in the past they have often released trailers on tuesdays, and we are 2 weeks exactly from der eisendrache PS release.   No actual intel lol sorry

  5. The catwalk glitch has been fixed fam.  Today was a good day

  6. Man, the call of duty multiplayer community was a god damn embarrassment this weekend.  It will take weeks for all the false information and shit stewing people shoveled out of /r/blackops3 and twitter.  This is why we can't have nice things folks

    1. Rissole25


      It was disgusting, but I laughed at some of posts "Why I'm Qutting Black Ops 3 Forever And Never Buying Another CoD". Just stfu.

  7. reddit.com 's /r/codzombies


    Where you get downvoted to hell for defending 3arc/atvi for removing the Swastika symbol from Der Riese because it is an offensive symbol to many lol.

    1. Spider3000


      Yeah, I've been reading through the sub-reddit a lot recently, and it's just a mess. I'm glad there's forums like this one around. 

    2. Chopper


      It tends to make me angry browsing there.

  8. TFW you get downvoted into eternity on the /r/CODZombies subreddit for calling glitchers, cheaters.

    1. TheNathanNS


      You get downvoted anywhere on Reddit for having a different opinion than the hivemind.


      Source: Been told to kill myself for saying I hate cheaters on any video game.

  9. All you Xboxers feel free to hit me up if i'm online for this BO3 multiplayer beta this week!



  10. Welp, looks like it only took 2.5 days for the anti-SBMM circle jerk to start with the Black Ops 3 beta.  This is why we can't have nice things folks

    1. Lenne


      MP community in a nutshell.

  11. HA!!  I just finally did the Outbreak EE solo.  Died within 2 minutes of getting my MK 25 CEL3/.  Fuck the stupid weapon upgrade system lol.  also got the achievements for hitting the box 15 times and having 15000 pts.  a little achievement hunting tonight while the Lady sees Trainwreck with her roommate

    1. InfestLithium


      Barely finishing Outbreak? Holy catfish, Batman!

  12. So cool to see CoDz so hoppin these days with all the hype surrounding BO3!!! HI EVERYONE!!!

  13. Holy $h!T the ZOMBIES REVEAL IS TOMORROW!!!!!!11!1!!!1!

  14. Hey guys, I've been on vacation the last 9 days in the Dominican Republic.  Finally back home... what did I miss??

  15. Wow, surprised that there isn't any traffic at the site today with exo zombies carrier coming out.  Where is everybody?

    1. Boom115


      Not much to the story, so there is not much to talk about.

  16. Might hop on some BO2 zombs on 360.  Gt: FlXTHE FERNBACK.   (FLXTHE FERNBACK)

  17. The BO3 Gunsmith thing sounds soooooo bad ass. i am so damn excited about this.  Leave it to treyarch to have me this excited EVEN WITH the boosting futuristic stuff going on

  18. Holy Hype Train Batman!

  19. So for anyone who hasn't yet or is on the fence about buying Advanced Warfare, it is on Groupon today for only $35 for PS4 or XB1.  just a heads up on a good deal


    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      That's not too shabby at all.

  20. New Muse song on Spotify released last week and nobody told me!! @Chopper !! Dead Inside :)

    1. Chopper


      I think it's going to grow on me @the_clay_bird I can hear massive Prince influence, first time I heard it I thought it actually was a Prince song when it opened

    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      @Chopper I like it better than Psycho. You hit the nail on the head with the Prince vibe though. It is much more of a Pop/mainstream rock feel to the first 2 singles than say like Absolution or Black Holes and Revelations

  21. Played Battlefield: Hardline last night. got a free redbox rental so i got it to play one night with my friends. I can't believe how shitty it looks on 360. I mean i cant believe these guys bought instead of saving and getting a one. The sky looks like a damn nintendo 64 game

  22. Beat my Die Rise solo record last night. Didn't even expect to play long, was just killing time, and then before I knew it I was in the 40's lol. Jumped off the building at round 53 because it was midnight :)

  23. FINALLY finished the "Awaken the Gazebo" achievement for Buried. thanks to @Way2good 's guide

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    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      @Stop mocking me0

      It only took me 2 tries actually, and wasnt as bad as i thought, but if i didn't have the guide to help, it would have taken me many more tries. Definitely a peculiar achievement! and i actually knocked out the "Mazed and confused" achievement while i was at it lol

    3. Inconcievable


      It took me, like, one try on my first day on the map.

    4. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      I did it pretty early too, but I had a very funny goof. I made it to PaP and realized I never turned on the power. Had to run back past witches twice, still got the achievement. Hehe.

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