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  1. Thanks Snake. I understood what you meant I appreciate it.
  2. I see. I didnt have a clue about no clipping other than basic function as I'm sure you can tell. :lol:
  3. Wow dude, on the screaming vid after you turned up the volume the scream made me jump As far as the no clipping into the knocking room, did you get wounded while you were in there near the boxes? I saw your screen go red twice. I am so certain we are missing this "boss" zombie that we were fowarned that could take out the whole team upon early release of Black Ops. Awesome job no clipping! Thanks so much for putting in the time. [brains] for you. :)
  4. Yeah, getting the audio of this guy screaming would be amazing as well as possibly no clipping into the room if you could? Not sure if you can do that but I cant help but think there is something we are missing, and this guy screaming and knocking is driving me banana's lol. Thanks in advance ;)
  5. What? You don't want to hear about anything else from me? Just messin Ok, All I could come up with is jibberish. Since the knocks really don't give you "long keys" just short ones. I don't really see this being morse code. I did say I was going to post the recording, I still am. Just need to find a way to get it off my phone. (Thought SD Card would fit) But in short, I don't think its morse code. But I can say its not "Help me" Help me would have- 4 shorts, 1 short, 1 short 1 long two short, 1 short 2 long 1 short (help) 2 long, 1 short (me) [EDIT] So someone posted is might be SOS. I actually didn't think about listening for that. But it seems in a very large portion of the cycle of knocks, SOS does sound. but this could be nothing. Becasue its just 3 short 3 long 3 short. & Plus the actual standard sos, is S.O.S. which .'s carry many more morse coding. Ha ha Willie. Nah, I'll hear whatever else you have to say Brains for you BTW. Its awesome you gave it a shot. It does seem plausible by what you describe as SOS. Either way I think its a knock full of distress....I know I'd be freakin distressed if somebody locked me in a closet! :lol:
  6. Hey the big toe, may I ask you why in the world you gave me a negative reputation rating on this thread without even commenting? What exactly are you unhappy with here? I'm confused. :?:
  7. Sweet Willie. I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with as far as the morse code goes. :)
  8. Cool about checking out the morse code thing. Would be nice to know. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to argue your point on the egg. It was there since day one of black ops release. My buddies and I were screwing around with the new dive feature on the stage and did it accidentally. We were like "What the heck, why did she laugh?. We ran around trying to find anything different, but obviously didnt realize the result was more powerups. We hadnt been playing the game long enough to know that we were getting more powerups than usual. Just think, if it was a glitch, they would've patched it when they patched the monkey & 3 gun glitch along with the update. I think its a legit egg, and a pretty cool one to boot. Just my humble opinion though Sam has been known to be nice & give us stuff. I think it leans more towards the good vs. evil struggle inside herself theory.
  9. I read somewhere that the knocks coming from the closet were "Help Me" in morse code, but I cant confirm if that is true or not. I considered it being Maxis as well, but I'm unsure. Those bloodstains are referred to as "The Reaper" bloodstain, and they are ALL over Ascension too. Maybe it was foreshadowing that we would be finding a Grim Reaper easter egg on Ascension, but who knows? Again, I seriously feel we are missing something on Kino. A couple of film reels & radios are kind of weak as easter egg, but I love the diving Egg (when two players down themselves & another revives & you get more powerups). In my best Richtofen voice "Its another gift from Sam, but why????" :mrgreen:
  10. [brains] for you. Thank you, seriously, not for the credit (which I appreciate), but for putting up a video that does the egg justice! :D
  11. Yes I have heard that. Being that there is a wind/screeching kind of sound leading us to the easter eggs on Ascension, I wonder if the wind and other sounds on Kino will lead us to other things as well. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. Interesting thought. I'll have to check that one out. I'm still sure there is more to kino then some radio's & film reels, but I cant break away from Ascension :lol:
  13. Hit 24 before I got downed because somebody wasnt watching their window & we got overrun :roll: Going to give it another go in a little bit. :evil:
  14. yeah, my crappy vid definitely does not do this egg justice. I'm glad somebody commented about it :)

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