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  1. I figured there was nothing to it, but I had to ask anyway. I've never been able to answer them all in a round, got to 40 the other day and only got two :?
  2. Has anyone ever been able to successfully answer all the phones on ascension during a match? Did anything happen, or was it just the handy dandy thrill of answering a phone :?
  3. True, I had forgotten about that! Do you have any other ideas? I'm curious to hear thoughts on this. :)
  4. Yep, this started happening first on Kino with the monkey glitch patch/update.
  5. I havent tried yet but its worth a try. I've kinda been AWOL (dusting off a few other games of mine) Taking a quick break from zombies to go back at it with a fresh perspective may help me see things differently. ;)
  6. Thanks Snake. I understood what you meant I appreciate it.
  7. I've said this in a post before but I think I need to start a new thread on it. I know there was some debate on what the written message on the stage near the teleporter power device. Its been deciphered as meaning "Aether projectionist". Riddle me this, why would they split up the word projectionist, as the "ist" portion is clearly under projection? They didnt break words up in any other writings on the walls. No people, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever it says "Aether Projection 1st". Meaning, start with the projection rooms in the teleporter. Isnt it possible that they gave us more verbal instructions to the egg on Ascension because we MISSED the clues for order on Kino? Has anyone tried correlating a campaign level for Kino as was done for Ascension? I'm no good at that sort of stuff. :oops: It is really hard for me to grasp that there are only 3 film reels and two radios, some guy knocking and screaming, a few notes, a bleeding mannequin, and a double downing dolphin dive that produces more powerups for about 10 rounds. There are still huge questions surrounding whose locked in the closet and the missing picture. The biggest thing for me was Takeo saying "Maybe what once was will be again". Lets have a huge [brains]storm fest here. Any code decipherers out that I would appreciate your input. Is there anything left unexplained? Let me know what you think. :)
  8. Jackyboy thanks for the informative post. I enjoyed reading your compilation. :)
  9. That was the first thing I thought myself as far as far as the Takeo quote. I'm still playing catch up with the back story. I didnt want this thread to turn into a HL debate. Glad you brought it back to the topic. ;)
  10. Those signs have pictures of the centrifuge a.k.a. the spinning mechanism you speak of on them, not death machines. Sorry hun, but good luck in your searching ;)
  11. Richtofen just said when I PAP'd the thundergun: "Takeo has always been very quiet, no matter the pain. He has always been respectful". Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :geek: Would he be saying that because Takeo was part of the testing group, or could it be he was just saying that in regards to them battling zombies together? Richtofen be endearing about their battle?? I HIGHLY doubt it. He fits the sadistic profile much better. Interpreting this as though he is saying "Even through the torture of my experiments, he was still respectful" What do you think:?:
  12. I see. I didnt have a clue about no clipping other than basic function as I'm sure you can tell. :lol:
  13. Wow dude, on the screaming vid after you turned up the volume the scream made me jump As far as the no clipping into the knocking room, did you get wounded while you were in there near the boxes? I saw your screen go red twice. I am so certain we are missing this "boss" zombie that we were fowarned that could take out the whole team upon early release of Black Ops. Awesome job no clipping! Thanks so much for putting in the time. [brains] for you. :)
  14. Yeah, getting the audio of this guy screaming would be amazing as well as possibly no clipping into the room if you could? Not sure if you can do that but I cant help but think there is something we are missing, and this guy screaming and knocking is driving me banana's lol. Thanks in advance ;)
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