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  1. I dont know if any of you are familiar with the Uncharted series, but at the end of Uncharted 2, they go to a place called Shangri-la, also known as Shambala. It is basiaclly a paridise hidden in the Himalayas, and if Zombies are going there, it'll be awesome. Look it up, it's just a giant ancients city with ruines, lush plants and trees, and huge mountains going up the side of the valley.
  2. I'm saying it would technically be like strong stopping power that evens out the damage on th whole body so that you don't have to get headshots to easily kill them...and it would apply to all weapons.. ...like I said... Just a thought...
  3. It wouln't only work for snipers... It would helP with all weapons... But snipers especially because of their low fire rate and crapiness after a certain level...
  4. the guy said that the new map would highlight sniping right...well usually snipers only work until level 15 or so.... then they suck ass. So what if that new perk, and this is only a theory, didn't home in on headshots. I think they may have made the park so that the whole body takes the same amount of damage as a headshot. that way you could kill them way longer. And maybe that new sniper that we see is actually really good till level 30 or so with the perk, then you have to pack a punch it and it stays good till level 50 or something ....just a tought...headshot auto aim would be stupid..
  5. you can see it in the picture, and it's in the imbd description, so there's most likely a zipline :|
  6. If the ship on call of the dead just crashed on the island, then how is there a zipline connecting the ship to the light house. Especially if they just got there? Just thinkin.
  7. K so there's this guy on YouTube that insure you have all heard of his name is syndicate. Anyway he noticed that in the mission numbers( or whatever the snowy one is with the ship that there was blood in the shape of the grim reapor on the wall, and behind that wall was a bunch of clues or something. (actually he didn't discover this he just taught me it first). But the point is that I was playing cod 5 campaign today and was doing the out of map glitch, when I dropped into a part of the map that your in slightly later on. The exact sAme blood pattern is usd twice in the same area, exept one is flipped backwards. One was on a random wall and the other one was from the head of a guy who had just been exacuted by firing squAd next to four others. Anyway I was wondering if this meant something or if it meaningless And maybe so is the one in (numbers)
  8. The zombie at the end of the trailer is no Dan Bunting Like everyone is saying, it's the Zilinski guy. He's the creative director for the zombie mode( duh) just thought I'd clear that up
  9. Everybody thought that the new map pack was going to be on firing range and i understand why its just why did 3arc bother putting all those clues in it, unless..... It will be the basis for map pack 3.
  10. Comment and leave your theories until carbonfibah opens a new section.
  11. finally, the thing alot of people wanted, a snowy map. Codz should open a new forum secction for map pack three, in the mean time post a reply here. I think itll be in the pyramids, because apparently somebody found these three thing in the games original coding: Cosmodrome( ascension), Mountains, (call of the dead), and Cairo( posibly pyramids). Hope they open a map pack three forum soon...brains please:) im kinda new and dont have very many yet.
  12. So dogs fit the theme for kino, as it is urban and people would have had pets, monkeys fit ascension as they were tested in space, the thief fits the pentagon as human would be the only things that can get inside, and for this new map what could we be looking at?? Something that fits a mountain, snowy, dark ,ship, and lighthouse, island theme? .............FISH.............just kidding, but seriouly what???post your comments of what you think.
  13. OKay, so i noticed something on the escalation trailer. You know how at the end there is a zombie face that jumps at the screen, well it is actually just a clip of one of the producers getting up, with special effect applied to his face. Pause it at 2:08 seconds and you will see. It may take you a couple of tries because he moves so fast, but it's actually jimmy zinlinski who happens to be the creative dirctor for the zombies mode at treyarc
  14. There is a screenshot up on the black ops site that shows a 2 second clip of the new zombies map. It features a lighthouse in the background with a bright beam coming out the side and top, a mountain, a ship and a building. It's very dark,and looks like a cold or snowy map. This was posted 5 mins after the trailer was released on april 19th. LINK BELOW. http://www.callofduty.com/intel/457
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