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  1. This hapened to me I ran around for like an hour and got around 600 kills and 30000 points, then nothing....no leaderboard :facepalm:
  2. Wait, you can do it solo?.... do U have to be Richtofen? What about perm perks? Will QR still run out? I bet its only co-op
  3. Still haven't done it yet, but Moon has the best reward and story behind it. It's just too bad the info on the EE steps seemed to leak before the community actually figured it out..
  4. The loading screen shows the excavator. The bottom left is Shangrila. ???
  5. Damn this looks crazy So we get 'you survived 1:xx time' when coming back from area 51. Can we die there and come back alive on moon?? I'm sure that thing he picked up was the hacking tool. The achievement icon looks a lot like the object on the table lol at the wall hack Did anyone else see some crazy ass ray gun spray around ?? The QED looks awesome too If there is aliens in that pyramid I am gonna shit my pants
  6. at 2:17 you can see a different angle of that pyramid with teleporter close by/over top of it?? :?
  7. At first I was like nah.... but those last few do sound legit
  8. :shock: :shock: :shock: "You cannot give reputation so soon after your last."
  9. well the 215 part I just made up with the helium and such, hence the 'lol' but anyways, I still think the liquid metal and gold part makes sense... Maybe Treyarch will tell us one day ;)
  10. I think the akimbo/full gun option is standard for the gun. A PaPed version will just have more ammo, bigger clips, bigger firing radius etc. similar to EVERY OTHER PAPD WEAPON I agree that the backs look very similar though and could potentially be switched around....... Here are some pics for reference: this pic shows the red one in front however, the color scheme has been changed since the original art work. (they are red and yellow now instead of blue...) hard to tell here if the front one is still red but it looks like it since it has the aimer and metal things on the side.... Guess we will wait and see if there is more to this gun than the already epic akimbo/full gun option and microwaving -KONVICT
  11. I have been on vacation, just seeing all these new videos now o_O Treyarch is awesome.
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