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  1. infamousKONVICT

    Achievements! (might be a leak)

    At first I was like nah.... but those last few do sound legit
  2. infamousKONVICT

    31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    well the 215 part I just made up with the helium and such, hence the 'lol' but anyways, I still think the liquid metal and gold part makes sense... Maybe Treyarch will tell us one day ;)
  3. infamousKONVICT

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    GT: infamousKONVICT (Level 32) Thanks
  4. infamousKONVICT

    I have tons of ques?

    Is there any small Easter egg. what do you mean? How were there zombies there. There is the Meteor that crashed there.. not to mention the 115 mining facility... Y does the monkeys get your power up and bring it to the temple the monkeys live there and feed their monkey babies powerups :?: and U kno how after u pack a puch water pushes u down wat will happen to the monkey if they still your power-up and the water was stil going. :shock: i dunno Y did the monkey BOMB came back in shangri la but not call of the dead. Treyarch probably thought the VR11/Scavenger guns were sufficient in COTD and likely got thousands of complaints from the community to bring back the monkey bomb How did the babygun got there and who created it. Richthofen and Maxis Y is there a napalm and a ice zombie thing and a zombie in a gas mask? and girl zombies? just to keep it new, design choice. they probably wont be back PS:iam new to the fourms and i guy gave me brains wat do they do and how do u give them. And wat is zombifactoin things with green boxes you give them out by hitting that green plus sign in the top right of peoples posts, they give you forum cred (no street cred) EDIT: who made the scavenger and the other gun in call of the dead? treyarch ;-)
  5. infamousKONVICT

    Auto Turrents GONE FOREVER!

    instead of death traps they are instead putting in more escape routes and things to slow zombies down but not kill them. But I wouldn't say TURRENTS.... [ ] are gone forever though.....
  6. infamousKONVICT

    31-79 JGb215 name solved??

    You could be right, but I don't think your evidence really supports your theory. You turned 131 into 31 & the 71 into a 79. I guess you could shorten Jagdgeschwader to JG but then Baron turning into a lower case 'b' on the end? and the 2-1-5 date is kind of a stretch. Also, Why would they name a gun after some airplanes? My theory is leaning more towards element name and numbers. "31-79 JGb215" Atomic # 31: Liquid Metal (Gallium) Atomic # 79: Gold (Aurum) -These two could explain the physical properties of the ammunition. (Liquid metal and gold) If you look at how the gun shoots, it shoots out yellowish/gold and sprays out of the gun kind of. JGb - not sure, there isn't any elements with these names but it appears to still be written in element form (J and Gb) 215 - the new 115! haha i dunno, but you can see where I am going with this... Atomic #2 is Helium, so this could explain the high pitch voices of a zombie that is hit with the gun lol Richtofen could have modified element 115 with helium or something to produce his own element, 215! [brains] for the discussion
  7. infamousKONVICT

    Perk bottles in co-op

    :lol: that was a funny conversation [brains]
  8. infamousKONVICT

    A good Strategy fro shangri la solo?

    For your run around the map type strategy rather than rape training: start at water slide hold out til you get overrun, slide down, pop up geyser, wait by mine cart, hold out there til you get overrun, run back to water slide. Repeat! To switch it up sometimes when coming off the mine cart you can run back inside towards power to the geyser that leads to spawn, or go up the waterfall cave & cross the bridge to get back to the water slide
  9. infamousKONVICT

    Power Switches

    :roll: They are right beside each other, I wouldn't say it makes it any more challenging. The way the water wheels are arranged, it makes sense to have two points & two separate switches that release the water. I'm still open to the possibility that there is some secret when only activating one. Has anyone activated just one then pressed the brick under the waterfall? (Someone probably has )
  10. infamousKONVICT

    Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    Since when is "electric" one of the 4 classic elements? = Fire, Earth, Water, Air
  11. infamousKONVICT

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    actually round 11 on Ascension, haven't had time to play either as I had school and stuff to do after school your sig shows 1... but still, that's weak! step ya zombie game up son!!!!!!!! :lol:
  12. infamousKONVICT

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    just wait half an hour, dont want you dolphin divin into those male/female (not being sexist to tjhe zombies, since i thin k they have zombie rights to bear bone arms.) zombies and get eaten alive. I know, but this just shows I am way too obsessed (looking at your sig) you only got to rd 7 on Cotd and round 1 on ascension? :? obsessed? :roll:
  13. infamousKONVICT

    Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    ya it looks like a statue the part where he is inside the building shooting zombies, the player is clearly riding on the mine cart while doing this... (2:37 in the video) looks intense
  14. infamousKONVICT

    Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    looks like the monkey carrying red power up jumped up the stairs at the last second. also, what is that gold thing in the bottom right area of the picture? cant see if its a perk machine or not...
  15. infamousKONVICT

    Exact Fern and Temple Positioning on the Map Jungle

    nice find man! [brains]

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