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  1. Just thought I'd add, this is where they'll be first -- http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Produ ... noSplash=1
  2. Yeah I just made an account with gold and its over 18 and the videos don't show up anywhere, I looked in the inside xbox bit too at the insider moves but the latest from 2011 is Annihilation. I also checked my parental settings and they're off, for every account. Help? I want to see the videos in a higher definition than my computer lets me (My crappynetbook doesn't play anything over 360p on youtube without dropping frames...)
  3. That's it, I didn't realise it filtered out videos, seeing as it doesn't stop you playing games :/ Just to be sure, it won't stop the maps from appearing in the marketplace will it? [brains]
  4. My Inside Xbox hasn't updated with any of the moon videos, as far as I know, there were 2? The latest thing on there is "Toy Soldiers: Cold War" and it does seem to be getting new content, just not any of the moon stuff? And the Rezurrection map pack isn't in the spotlight, but I don't know if it is anyway :/
  5. Its not, she's holding it by the arm and the head and body is drooping over, its an old teddy so its raggy
  6. I was thinking and I know I'll probably get shouted at and proved wrong, but maybe they're releasing an all zombies map pack to see if people will buy a zombies game? Like if they put multiplayer maps in with a zombie map, they don't know whether people are buying for the zombies or multiplayer, but if they make one completely out of zombies, then they'll know how many fans are just buying the map packs for the zombies, because the ones buying for the multiplayer obviously won't be interested? But this is just a theory, feel free to prove me wrong :D
  7. This is what I thought it would be, were they thinking when you buy the perk, you get a random weapon given to you to take up the third slot? Also it's not like you can't have any empty gun slots, as at the start of every game you have one and it still works fine? So I think when you buy it it just makes another slot and the next time you buy a weapon it doesn't replace the one you're holding, it just fills the slot instead, like the first time you buy a gun in any zombies game. And dual wield wouldn't make sense, one, what would happen with snipers or rocket launchers or any gun you
  8. Thanks for the info, I'll add this on and update it tomorrow at some time, and I'll credit all of the ideas and such
  9. I was thinkning the air locks will be like the elevators on 5, as in one door shuts, then you wait a few seconds, then the one behind you opens, to give you a break for a few seconds and to get to other areas. And there is obviously going to be an airlock otherwise you wouldn't be able to get outside without alll the air escaping. But yeah thats just my thoughts :)
  10. The dream idea wasn't mine, I just read it on another thread, but yeah, some parts make sense in that theory but others don't, but unless treyarch release a definitive story, I guess we'll never know the truth, everything people have been saying so far might be complete BS, but yeah, I hope they do release a story, it would be a very interesting read :D
  11. Oh I thought it would be like on other forums with a button to open it, but thanks :)
  12. No it wasn't, but thanks, I'll credit you in the original post :)
  13. Ahhh, well I'll add that in tomorrow, and one more thing, how do I add spoilers? I added the tags but it didn't work? :/ EDIT: I wanted to hide the huge picture at the top, and the theory, just to clean it up :)
  14. Thanks, and wikipedia told me about "The Coming Race" and how its a type of energy form, and how the golden rod/vril device is like a motor maybe, is that correct?
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