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  1. I'm not doubting that but as you know from our experience here in zombies its just best not to assume things is all.
  2. Are we just assuming that because we can do all those steps solo (as far as we know) or has anyone actually shown proof that they have done it solo?
  3. Saw what you said in the other. While its possible in solo thats got to be like crazy considering the recharge time of the spikes is just ridiculous.
  4. Looks like this is a EE I won't be getting as my crew are far to discouraged at how this EE is and that we won't be able to find the extra people to do it >_> .
  5. But according to radios also from other maps Richtofen was ACTUALLY under Maxis in term of leader aspects. What occured was Richtofen doing a bunch of things behind Maxis's back was all. Also we don't know if there were any other leaders present at the time of the outbreak. It was never stated that there wasn't. They could have fallen also to the zombies. Just because the robots were present doesn't mean they were part of Maxis and Richtofen. I will certainly say those robots would definitely messup a excavation site though. Also I'm not calling wanting to stop richtofens master plan insane. What I'm calling insane is the fact he is stated that half of a cutscene is applying to multiple timelines while the other half of that cutscene doesn't. If that cutscene was actually CUT in half and given to us as two seperate cutscenes sure I'd accept that but no it doesn't make sense in the way he is saying it.
  6. My point is not invalid. The problem with stating that a timeline can be interrupted in the middle of a cutscene that shows anything beyond is insane and not only that but did you not realize that when Treyarch redid this map they didn't name it Der Reise like the original. They stated this was a reimagined Der Reise and named it The Giant. ALSO Richtofen and Maxis are not the reigns of group 935. They are not the leaders. If they were then who were these so called Leaders of 935 that Richtofen was going to report Maxis to???
  7. Because Richtofen didn't make the Der Reise facility, They themselves didn't triangulate coordinates and do a ton of calculations to get the rockets to fire at the moon. No they only overloaded a computer that was fired rockets which were already probably aimed at the moon as that seems like it was set up that way. There is also nothing proving Richtofen made the robots. If he made them then why the heck was there a chance of them killing him. Just because something is made by group 935 don't contribute it to Richtofen. There were other divisions within the group including Maxises own division. I also am saying this because this is the first time they have tracked down this test subject because in at least 1 timeline they didn't. I would agree with your statement if it was ANYTHING other than the fact this is a cutscene. The fact this is a cutscene though and how the situation within the cutscene plays out with them acting as if the other Richtofen that didn't die had been with them before and the fact that they were stopping another is what makes me sketchy on that idea. I understand the desire to simplify the storyline but please its not possible to do that honestly.
  8. I wasn't repeating what he said I was just trying to make him see how silly it seems to state that the timeline was the same up until halfway through a cutscene. You yourself also stated how silly something similar to what your implying is "how could they have not time traveled to the giant? are you implying they waited through ww1 and parts of 2 with their thumbs up their asses as richtofen did his shit and then they all somehow met at the giant, with his old self there for no earthly reason, killing maxis and sam?". So your going to tell me these guys managed to basically sit there and managed to get a derelict factory to function again and managed to hold out long enough for nothing to go wrong and then to have the crane put on the head minding you how long attaching it and ensuring it is properly connected as well as the computers inside were function and everything (even in this day and age such a thing of that magnitude would take days if not weeks) and then all of them managing to get in during this whole time zombies are constantly coming (they aren't going to stop) then get it working and know where a moving Dempsey is located at that exact moment. Then chase him down and from there attack to the point where we see the opening of DE. You do realize how more crazy that is and time consuming compared to the simple explanation I gave?
  9. Your saying that up until HALF WAY through The Giant's cutscene we are in the same timeline as BO2 and WaW and BO1?
  10. @ZombieOfTheDead We are not in the same bloody timeline as the one from BO2 and WaW we can't be as that one goes even further ahead than this one. @urbanrooster The reason that we cannot state they time traveled after Origins is because they explicity stated that they traveled from the Origins area for a while and then were left by Richtofen who is the only one among them who can time travel or rather travel between dimensions. From then the first time they see him is at the beginning of Origins when he shot the other Richtofen that they were all trying to stop which they stated it had been months (or it had been years I forget which) since he had left them. I still want to know where did this Giant they traveled in at the beginning of DE come from as we only see 1 giant in The Giant and its not functional and looks pretty destroyed. That means its another giant. So your telling me they managed in that time span to stumble upon another Giant started operating it. Figured out EXACTLY where the test subject would be located (mind you this test subject a.k.a. Dempsey was also on the move in a truck) and then attacked.
  11. I mistyped you'll have to forgive me but my thing still stands that it can't be the same Giant from The Giant. WaW, BO1, and most of BO2 were in the same timeline (there are of course maps that are not such as Origins, Mob, and Call (that's in its own timeline apparently). I already said I mistyped about the robot thing. My point is there is nothing proving we didn't travel to another dimension inbetween this map and The Giant. We certainly didn't do it during Origins and The Giant as only Richtofen did since they even mention that he left them. Richtofen obviously has a method of traveling through dimensions. There is one on a radio we hear talking to Groph during the EE. He is discussing about group 935 and their plans. There is a radio also that plays Richtofen's speech in regards to the Griffin station on this map and it being underway. There is a cipher stating that Richtofen fears Maxis obsession with the girl is making him go crazy and he need to report it to 935 (both these last 2 things were also on other maps but they are also on this one). The Richtofen in all of those is the one we killed too. We have a darker Groph in this map too seperate from the original. We have 2 Dempseys in the same timeline as well. That alone has to mean time travel has to have occured as the Origins crew didn't Time Travel inbetween Origin and The Giant.
  12. There is also nothing saying its the same Robot from Origins too. The Giant's robot isn't working.
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