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    Skipping rounds

    Not sure if this is approved, because I dont think this is a glitch, BUT I recently learned a way to shorten rounds from hundreds of zombies to a merely 20-30. Well what you do is at the end of a round, you leave one crawler, then kill it and during the interchanging rounds, teleport to NML (key step). Once done here, teleport back and you will be in the new round, but it will only have a minimum amount of zombies. Dont believe me? Trust me, it works. You can do it every other round, for example, round 20 do the process, the round 21 will be short, then round 22 comes, and it will be a normal round, but keep a crawler and perform said process! Hopefully this is helps getting to higher levels on Moon!
  2. Hey guys So you know how you have 30 seconds after the rockets are launched until they hit earth, just long enough time to run to the teleport and TELEPORT TO EARTH!! What will happen while on earth? Will we see the explosion? Has Treyarch even thought of this? Will we blow up? Will we find out where "No Mans Land" really is?
  3. Saw a video today of a qed opening a door l8Id6Cvemtc
  4. Also when George screams (not being shot scream but random scream) the zombies run faster
  5. When I was playing solo I heard my character say when I turned on the power- "Oh the easter egg is not as hard this time, oh wait that is just the power switch" Clue to solo EE?
  6. The M16 is on the wall right next to the flinger. The flinger is located on the 2nd story of the ship, port side.
  7. This has happened to me before, and I have gotten away sometimes and also gone down sometimes. The ways I have freed myself from Georges grips have been just running in one direction, shooting George and he pauses and yells which gives time to escape, and jumping has helped me aswell.
  8. Dont know if you all know this but I thought I'd pass it along. While reviving a teammate, holding X, press Y and you will switch to your original gun and still revive your teammate. This works best with a ray gun/mustang and sally. What I have learned from this is you cant move/look around while reviving and shooting or the revive will stop, revive not aiming at your teammate so you can shoot at incoming zombies, and always have your explosive weapon out when reviving. Hope this helps for people who didnt know.
  9. I recently posted a topic about this wonder waffe glitch, this has also happened to me once I ran out of ammo, and to a friend but it didnt even give him the gun, but its effects, the way we solved this was to down yourself like you, or pick up a death machine drop if avalible.
  10. What happened to me isnt supposed to happen. My friend didnt recieve the DG-2, but its effects, (cant switch guns, cant buy weapons, and the DM symbol) and the gun he had was an empyty scavenger. So to break the curse he picked up a DM, like with the DG-2 after picking it up you will not recieve the DG-2 after the DM.
  11. This is indeed part of the solo EE. This is the morris code part, once you do the levers/wheel on the boat the beeping stops.
  12. I dont know if this has happened to anyone else, but in a game I was playing my friend picked up the DG-2, but the gun didnt register but the effects did (cant switch guns, cant buy anything etc) and the gun he had was an empty scavenger. This has happened to me aswell. The way we thought to fix this, besides going down, is to pick up a death machine, sure enough after the DM went away my friend recieved his guns back with full ability. Just thought Id pass this knowledge along.
  13. The Vrill gives you instakill and invincibility for 15 seconds, so they utilize that fact because on round 70 it takes forever to kill one zombie, but not with instakill. Here is the description from the video- "My last high round game/video on Call of the Dead on Xbox360 co-op. Our 4th and final world record for this zombie map (previously Rounds 48, 51 and 63). When somebody beats our round 70, I won't try to beat it back. Thanks for watching, I hope you find this strategy useful. We've been using it since we got to round 51 which was 7th of May. The two main weapons in this strategy are V-R11 Lazarus and Awful Lawton. V-R11 to kill the endless hordes of the undead and upgraded Crossbow to make it through the lag periods of a long game. FAQ Question:Did you mod or glitch to get this high? Answer: No, we used a legit running strategy - and same goes for all of the other zombie maps. Q: Why does George still speak somewhere eventhough you got rid of him with the V-R11? A: I'd like to know the answer too. Q: How long did it take? A: Something between 18 and 19 hours. With lot of breaks naturally. Q: How do you take breaks during a long game? A: Leave a crawler at the end of the round and take turns keeping an eye on it. Q: Can you play Call of the Dead with me? A: This was my (probably also my partners) last try of CotD. Q: Why did you suicide? You could've gone a lot further. A: Maybe so but Round 70 was the target. We also had a time limit. Q: How did you not got disconnected? A: We usually do - luckily not this time. Q: Will you accept my friendrequest? A: On youtube, most likely yes. On xbox live, no random friend requests accepted. 2 Players: RelaxingEnd (FIN) ChristianR87 (DEN)"
  14. PCOhAXlVJNU Credit to RelaxingEnd Just thought I'd pass it along. Makes me think more about the Vrill.
  15. This has happened to me before, I have heard that the perk may drop somewhere else on the map where water is. Also, in my times killing george, I tend to keep a few crawlers, then kill them one by one after we use all our ammo on George and usually there is a max ammo. Coincidence?
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