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  1. I think in Bo 2 the zombies story line will end but the zombie maps will change to how spec ops is set up but as a zombie removal thing with dempsy and some one else
  2. Ok I have two thoughts on who the boss could be 1st thought previously on one of the maps can't remember which but the cosmic monkey could finally rear it's ugly head thought two long shot but just for kicks many it's Jesus like u said resurrcting and ascending into space as a zombie lol
  3. Or second coming could mean dogs nut the only reason to want dogs is cause of max ammo???
  4. Kk Ty I didn't see the ascend part and in kino it the group935 logo I checked a few times so just making sure something wasn't missed
  5. Another possibility is that it's talking about the 6 115 guns like the hk21 upgrade. There are five others and they are all realy powerful guns just another theory tho and props for thinking out side the box with the 6 th dimension thing
  6. Ok I made an observation that I don't kno if it's ben discussed befor but when you teleport for a split second you see the words "from darkness" and after that the group 935 logo appears I hav no clue what this can mean or even if it's a missing clue to help solve something but if anything I known or found out pls reply oh and if u want to look into this when u tele port Im not sure if it's the group935 logo or a picture of the film reals they kinda look the same so if u find anything pls let me know.
  7. another theory of the 6 is of the 6 115 guns eg hk21 upgraded become h115 defiborator there r 6 upgraded guns with 115 in the name. kino der toten means cinima of the dead, in theory it was used to brain wash the zombies into wanting to fight the allies for the german army so germany wouldnt lode any man power duting the war. food for thought
  8. To guys post ur thoughts questions comments and or concerns
  9. Yea godfather of all zombies that's really no connectionto the story unless he's related to one of the characters
  10. Yea I didn't really like them all to much but like zombie movies so I'll atleast give Romero a try but yea like u said originals r way better
  11. Is Samantha good or evil and wat of her sister emilia you should read my theory it's called theory's about kino song 115 uPdated
  12. Element 115, the key to understanding how the ultra-secret "Black World" has created aircraft capable of manipulating gravity and space/time, has been identified, and the recent discovery of element 118, which decayed into element 114, further helps identify the possibilities. The most important attribute of this heavier, stable element is that the gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. These heavier, stable elements literally have their own gravity A field around them, in addition to the gravity B field that is native to all matter. The Key To Gravity-Control Systems No naturally occurring atoms on earth have enough protons and neutrons for the cumulative gravity A wave to extend past the perimeter of the atom so you can access it. Now even though the distance that the gravity A wave extends past the perimeter of the atom is infinitesimal, it is accessible and it has amplitude, wave length, and frequency, just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. Once you can access the gravity A wave, you can amplify it just like we amplify other electromagnetic waves. And in like manner, the gravity A wave is amplified and then focused on the desired destination to cause the space/time distortion required for practical space travel. This amplified gravity A wave is so powerful that the only naturally occurring source of gravity that could cause space/time to distort this much would be a black hole. We're amplifying a wave that barely extends past the perimeter of an atom until it's large enough to distort vast amounts of space/time.
  13. I've only seen 2 diary of the dead and land of the dead I don't even know if there are any more tell me if you kno of any
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