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  1. ooooUNKNOWNoooo

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    I made it to round 41 a few days ago 2 player. Add me if your legit, my goal is to get past 40 on each map. My gamertag is ooooUNKNOWNoooo
  2. ooooUNKNOWNoooo

    Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    Mines 54 with 3 people, I'm ranked in the hundreds...
  3. ooooUNKNOWNoooo

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    I know 85 is bull S***t. My highest is 36 solo I have it up on youtube. http://youtu.be/xQ7WFZVsidA Did get 7 perks and 6 Wunderwaffes tho...
  4. ooooUNKNOWNoooo

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    putting a video up on youtube of me making it to 36 on solo, i got the wonder waffle 7 times!!!!! My channel is OooooUNKNOWNooooO, got videos up of the easter egg, killing george, the wonder waffle and more.

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