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  1. why do you always put similar threads in different subforums? I just seen this in Future Zombies...
  2. Mustang & Sally Any point-weapon (preferably Ray Gun in higher rounds) Semtex or regular grenades (barely use any of these anyway) Monkey Bombs (although I don't care much for them; rather have these then EMP grenades) Juggernog Quick Revive Speed Reload Double Tap or Stamin-up (usually the former) Btw, this is for Survival on Town.
  3. I personally think he is about 20 or 30 in NTZ and about 40 in GR. The voice of a man usually doesn't change much after puberty. Also, their are many ways he could of got that watch after the Nukes (Found it, stole, etc.)
  4. I think one could be in Die Rise, with it be on outside on the top of the building. I think the maps in this game will focus on getting these radio towers back online, maybe getting our O4 back to Earth.
  5. I do realize that it is hard to think about just 3 missiles destroying the entire Earth, but this is what Moon originally had us(or at least me) believe. I may have just been expecting more damage, which makes be a bit dissapointed. I am still liking BO2 a lot (and the level of destruction of the Earth doesn't really effect me; I just wanted to note that I thought it would be more destroyed). Also, the Earth would be more easily destroyed if the Hollow Earth theory was true for Zombies. With no inner integrity, the Earth could collapsed upon itself a lot easier than with solid... umm..."innards".
  6. I like to think that Moon takes place in the 60's and if that was so, Green Run would have to be in the 80's (because Maxis said he was searching for survivors for "decades" which would have to be at least 20 years). I'm not sure about you guys, but buildings don't look at futuristic at all. I'm pretty sure that this also takes place in the 80's. But all in all, did you guys expect a more damaged environment in these maps (Green Run, Die Rise, Nuketown) after getting hit by three super-powerful missiles. After all, we thought the Earth was actually destroyed after that. Also, if you point to the elevators in being futuristic, if you look those are the developers screens. Another view of the same shaft shows it darker and normal, with more texture on the walls.
  7. Yeah but since the easter egg saves and you can never complete it again, that means some will never be able to get it. Treyarch would never do that. Well hopefully anyways.
  8. I want to read it a lot and it would be great if you could re-upload it. Thanks again!
  9. Where can I download this? It says it was deleted from the website. Thanks

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