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  1. Hey im currently in the middle of the game all set all i need is the jet gun on round 1. I have all he parts on except the engine, which i swapped for a PaP part in the pap room. upon it dropping, it dissapeared and oi can no longer get it. any thoughts?
  2. So your think NTZ, GR, GLF are all similar nature? Not at all, just the backdrop is. And heck, the destroyed environment on GLF is way diff from how GR looks. That out of the way, All play very different from eachother. The BO maps werent that different from eachother, except for Moon (backdrop wise; gameplay wise they are very similar)
  3. While I'm not that fond of the idea either SMM, you shouldn't be such a pessimist.
  4. You can only get Nuletown Zombies if you get the season pass (or if you pre-ordered the Hardened Edition, which I assume you didn't or you wouldn't be asking this lol). There is currently no way to buy Nuketown 2025 if you didn't already pre-order the Standard Edition beforehand.
  5. why do you always put similar threads in different subforums? I just seen this in Future Zombies...
  6. @ChopperNator What is wrong with kiting/training?
  7. @waytogo0 . how did you get to 116% accuracy?
  8. You actually do have enough, the map pack only costs 1200 points.
  9. Yeah what KAM said and the charging up part might be hard to understand if you haven't played with it. But by holding the trigger it charges up, with up to five bars. I.E. f you charge it up to three bars, than when you shoot it will take away three bullets.
  10. I have an idea about the Storm PSR being in Zombies. It would be found in the box, and for a normal shot it would be 100 damage, managing to not even kill a zombie on round one with one bullet. However, the longer you charge it up it would multiply the current damage by two. --- 1 bullet - 100 dmg 2 bullets - 200 dmg 3 bullets - 400 dmg 4 bullets - 800 dmg 5 bullets - 1600 dmg --- At first, the damage is laughable, but eventually it becomes a juggernaut of damage when fully charged. Coupling this with the ability to penetrate ANY object may seem overpowered, but I thought that since you would only get, say, 80 bullets with it, this would balance it out. So if you charge it fully, 5 bullets gone right there. PaP'd would double the output, so starting with 200, ending with a whopping 3200 dmg output when fully charged. You would get 30/160 ammo and a headshot multiplier of five (meaning you could kill a zombie on round 9 with an uncharged bullet and to the mid 30s wth a fully charged bullet with just a single bullet to the head). As an added bonus, the crosshairs would be at a size similar to the ray guns, for an accurate noscope (so as to not risking death by zooming in)
  11. It may he a death trap in a lot scenarios but if used correctly you can take out multiple waves (24+) of zombies, because it connects like the dg2 but the connection keeps going if close enough.
  12. @MMX Lol @OP There are only a few good spots to train in, and so far the map is great!
  13. Even when you take the buildable off the table it becomes a weapon, replacing the one you had.
  14. Yeah you can't take out a gun if you already have one, but you can actually take out MSBwhile you have a M1911, it just replaces it. Also, if you put it back, you will have Jo weaponnat all.
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