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  1. I think this all points to either we are getting old maps released again. Or maybe what some of us have speculated a long time is that zombies could be getting its own standalone game. Their are pros and cons for them to do it. But they kept talking about the success and it becoming more than what they thought. I think they could do a stand alone game with the old maps
  2. I havent seen anyone else do this but me but thought i would share with the forum. The easiest way to rid yourself of a rhino and you can do this single handily. Is to put down a sentry gun let the rhino charge at you as he gets to the gun he will stop and start pounding the ground. Stand right by your sentry when u see him stop. Pick your sentry up move back as far as you want place it again and get a bunch of damage in while he is stopped. Just keeping doing it until he is dead. You take practically no damage and kill a rhino pretty fast with a fully upgraded sentry
  3. Im prestige 5 now I prefer the medic class because not taking damage from scorpions and health regen is very very helpful. Also when it comes to escaping and someone has feral and your a medic. That makes for a really fast escape. Weapon specialist is def nice but i perfer medic.
  4. I really enjoy the new extinction mode. I think people fail to remember what zombies started off as. And its that very point that i hope they continue extinction as the alternate to zombies and keep making it better and grow bigger and better. Im a prestige 5 already and still have fun playing it. I think there is so much they can do with it. Im excited to see the dlc and what changes they make
  5. When they say at the beginning. Which beginning? The beginning of the entire zombie apocalypse? Or the beginning of when Richtofen took control. If at the beginning of when Richtofen took control then who was there at the beginning? The O4 And they havent been around for the other part of the fight but they will be there at the End. Other theroies could be right with Der riese. But lets think of where we are in the story. Depending on how you ended and who you sided with maxis or Richtofen it points to one thing to me. We have to go back to moon to get Richtofens body or get Samantha. I dunno if Richtofen is so worried about his body or not but it does hint hes still not fully in control yet. Just some thoughts
  6. game78

    Nav card/Table

    That's what I thought but wasn't for sure either. Thought I'd ask to make sure
  7. game78

    Nav card/Table

    Need a question answered. Does each player need to have put their own nav card into the nav table at one point. Me and three of my buddy's built table and my friend put his in. Just wondering if we all need to. Wanted to be sure before I finishing Easter egg
  8. As beautiful as a theory that is, you forget one thing: we had to kill the turned-zombie. Plus, the now-human corpse was sucked into some kind of portal at the top of the lighthouse. I sense that it had to be some kind of Vril portal. According to Vril Society legend, the ancient race would require human sacrifices when the Nazis wanted assistance in manufacturing superficial technology and hidden powers. In the same sense, the human sacrifice in Call of the Dead is used to obtain the Vril generator. This is true. Very interesting theory but when the man goes into the green beam we had to kill him before he made it to the top. Unless they revived him somehow I don't see how that could be him. But interesting thought
  9. As far as I know it's never peminant. But whichever you do last will stay. So if you only want to do each once, but want to do them both then wait to do Richtofen
  10. I agree as well it seems the nav cards may have been dropped at these locations at prior times. So each nav card is for the next location. It seems like each location will be a place the crew has already been
  11. interesting theory and it makes sense. Im hoping more of the story is unvieled to us threw the EE
  12. That's why I really think it might be a death trap. The guy said something happens but not what. With how damaged the buildings are should we really expect the elevators to be in great working order. All I'm saying is we all might learn the hard way
  13. Maybe the elevator is a very quick way to die! Like maybe the elevator can't hold all 4 of us at the same time so the cable breaks and we fall to our death
  14. I dunno about you guys but I'm really excited now
  15. Honestly I hadn't even thought about that. Only so many things they can have for persistent upgrades. I do hope quick revive back
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