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  1. have you been under a rock the last few days?
  2. The tower of babel CONTINUES! if the city is like a large M.C Escher Painting like it said, then look! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Babel_(M._C._Escher)
  3. amazon uk has leaked the details! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html ... B009WK9JEC
  4. What i think is tht this is not a glitch, it is part of something to tranzit.
  5. sure, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... Tk8kQj7bNE
  6. Really, this could be a complete BREAKTHROUGH. There is no way in hell this is a glitch. and theres no way treyarch put this in by accident.
  7. i was thinking, looking over the forum, there was a big buzz about the Sedan Billboard in the fog, so, with the new find of using the jet gun to fly up a pole, i think we could possibly get up to the top of the billboard. For those not familiar with this Flying thing, here it is, Also, another thing this video points out is that if you have tombstone you wont die while flying, which is very intresting. qTk8kQj7bNE
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAuzTNJae3c searching around youtube and found this, this is pretty intresting. Why would it be there?
  9. to the right of the spawn go into tht room
  10. In a game of search today, i was looking around the map Cargo and i found a white board with post it notes on it, just like the one in express, it said the same stuff like the one in express, "Zombies Are Coming" "Fix Turbines"... Could these maps be future DLC? Idk but i think people should be searching around all the maps in multiplayer for White Boards and notes as they might show clues to future DLC or even to the mode itself. The board is in the place next to the spawn with the soda machines in them.
  11. My friend dave sent me here, to give you ease, and hear you cheer.
  12. Now that i have released my touts, i will not come back until you figure it out.
  13. The final hint you can climb, unless you put it for transportation. You will never find the final key, unless you try the symphony. You fools dont know that the final clue, is sitting right in front of you. Once you open the room, the object will be there with you. Once you have gone to the 2nd floor, there might be lots of gore. Once you are finished, there is the glass, go up to it and follow the path.
  14. One who shoots with wind, will finish the deadmen once again. If you choose to follow his path, then you will surely feel his wrath. The less power, the more you fall, everything will finish once and for all.
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