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  1. https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy look at his 3rd tweet, i know what im talking about.
  2. Hey guys, alot of people are saying that Agartha is the next map. Me myself disagree with this. And here is why: 1. FEAR TEDDY Tranzit = T Die Rise = E MOT Dead = D Buried - D Agartha = A Agartha doesn't end with a Y. 2. Both Shangri-La and Buried are a reference to AGARTHA which i don't think treyarch is so stupid to make a 3rd and final map with another reference to Agartha. Maxis said: Opening the gate to Agartha which i think we will see more in the DLC 4 Map Cutscene which is rich of story line every single time!It's how we knew for sure that Sammuel w
  3. Hey guys, I found this video yesterday where the guy says that Buried is in angola and he talks about DLC 4 it's quite intresting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2flbWDItoY
  4. Hey everybody, Sorry if somebody else already posted about this, but i was playing MoTD and went to the GG bridge to kill the zombies for the H'Retriever after i was on it i heard the nuketown clock on the bridge, nothing really else to say i let it to you guys! Peace!
  5. I think it was on the island, if ti isn't. as we see in the trailer. You can go on a plane.
  6. Hello there evrybody, Today i had a english test about san fransisco with audio and you had to answer multiple choice questions(I live in holland). And then they talked about a Choclate Factory which killed ALOT of prisoners or made them dizzy/puke. So maybe since everybody says the whole island is playable. This Chocolate factory is pssible to be in this map. Maybe it's going to be a trap to kill zombies? I dunno. What do you guys think about it?ohh and by the way maybe it has something to do with the easter egg? Or turn the power on in the chocolate factory? meh let me know what you
  7. Alot of people say Paris me personally think it's not going to happen as i told in my post the Tokyo sky tree is the biggest tower in the world so that would be nice for a last map and made sense because Eiffel tower is only like 200 meters tall... that's really small if we compare it to the Milad tower or the KL Tower
  8. Hey guys, This might not be as professional as others but i looked on wikipedia on the tallest towers in the world and 5 of them were in china and we already have die rise for china so no china anymore so there are 5 left... 1 of them Japan Sky tree which is possible as the last map packs because it's the biggest tower... the second one is Canada which is the CN Tower and again what made me doub of thisone is because Canada is next to the USA which we already got green run from... ok now there are 3. The left third one is The Ostankino tower located in russia and this would be awesome i a
  9. Hey Guys, So... as some of you guys now a few weeks ago the bridging the gap loading screen went out. Most of the people said it was FAKE well im here to let you guys know that its real. It's really shot but if you look at the die rise loading screen look at the bottom right you see a wheel and its dark and a bit red now go to the bridging the gap one. It's the exact same on the bottom right. The die rise loading screen is a comic because treyarch wants to give us Hints an all that. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. Hey, I got a question, On first match of die rise i picked the die rise navcard up. And a few min after the zombies got us down and it was game over. But i didnt pick the tranzit navcard back up. How do i get it back?
  11. Thanks, it may be fake but there are alot of things that can be real and i really found it intresting that they refer zombies on the page and der riese and jimmmy zielinski already said that the old charachters will be back.
  12. Hey everybody, I'm doing research on something that i found really interesting. What i found was a loading screen of a map! So... it looks to be EXTREMELY legit and the map called Der Kammer which got me thinking... I invite you guys to my theory. First of all as we know when you play Green run or Die Rise Under Tranzit(Green run) and great Leap Forward) is the place. Like on Tranzit it's Northern Hemesphere and on Die rise it's Province 22. So on this *Loading screen* it says in place of Great leap forward/Green run it says Bridgehing the Gap so i don't really know what's that about
  13. Yea i think black ops 1 songs were good i dont know why Treyarch patched Carry on and Skrillex i dont like Carrion :(
  14. It sounds pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxGg2VHSuMs
  15. I was tihnking and i wanted to see what is going to be added in die rise ofocourse new perks,weapons and ofcourse easter eggs but the way of travilling is going to be different some people say its gonna be a helicopter but i doubt it ;/ what do you guys think?
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