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  1. DSR is very strong.. most ppl I find like it. Why are perma perks a bad thing? The actual machine would be ideal but I'll take what I can get! Why not have all perks available on all maps? It seems like they leave out a useful perk (i.e. Flopper or Double Tap) on maps that would benefit greatly from it. Mule Kick was thrown into most, but not all? If we can't purchase more than four please let us choose from the entire list! One thing that is really frustrating on early rounds.. the windmilling zombies!! Why are they going so hard already? When you're knifing them and one bastard double slaps you down it's a little ridiculous. Amirite?
  2. Round 28 with 2 players.. our 3rd had to quit
  3. It seems to me that the thing spins randomly, but the more time you spend inside the room with it, the less it spins. It's a sweet trap when it's spinning, but I'd prefer kiting the zombies around and earning more points off them... and maybe a powerup.
  4. Props to Carbon for throwin' down a solid strat. Now, for Ace's advice. I don't care if you asked for it or not. If you don't have Jugg by round 10, you better not expect a revive. PhD is priceless when you're shooting ray guns/explosives. The Sickle and Mustang & Sally are extra good for dealing with monkeys. As long as you have Gersch devices, there's really no need for Quick revive. If you're dumping machine gun ammo at monkeys and they are still alive, you're missing. (until later rounds i.e. 30+) Have someone stay by the MP5k. Monkeys come through here pretty heavy. Some go for PhD but most go toward Jugg. If you're at Stamin up, you don't have many monkeys to deal with then you can set the fire trap go save another perk. If you get a perk that you wish you didn't (either from the free perk or from your stupidity), down yourself and POOF it's gone. If you're near monkeys, jump when they do and you'll avoid some damage. If the monkeys do steal a perk, don't make the mistake of thinking you still have it. Believe me, I've lost PhD and not realized it and damaged myself a few times. EMBARRASSING!!! Protect Jugg at all costs. After that, it's subjective which perks are most useful to you and your current loadout. LOOK FORWARD TO MONKEYS!!!! MAX AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mystery box opened with your choice of weapon popping out. ie. Ray Gun, Teddy Bear, Gersch, etc

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