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  1. Exactly, Easter Eggs can take many forms - such as music queues or even pictures. They don't all have to show a massive progression in the Black Ops 1 story line arc. =)
  2. Now, listen to the sound of Treyarch's voice... on the Xbox One! =)
  3. Reminds me of Maxis and Richtofen voices in Black Ops II zombies, regarding which path the players took. However... Could the "Unmarked Man" be the shadowed picture in Kino Der Toten? Could the three remaining test subjects be Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai? So many questions, the hype train is about to run me over.
  4. Well spoken InfestLithium! TheThiny, it would be extremely unlikely that an Easter Egg has been hidden away in a zombies map for over 4 years - since the release of Black Ops I -, as most Easter Eggs are solved within the first week of release by budding zombie slayers! However, it would be cool if they could hide one away for such a long time... =)
  5. @DeathBringerZen I know right! Going to be playing more of Black Ops II on the Xbox 360 leading up to the release of Black Ops III!
  6. Greetings Thiny! Time to have a crack at each of the stuff left to solve: 1. The green lights turn on in the teleporter to signal that enough kinetic energy has been transformed from chemical potential energy manifested inside the Element 115 power supply - or the 115 power source could undergo a rapid chain reaction of nuclear fission that is supposedly controlled in the confines of the teleporter. 2. Possibly just copied and pasted from the Black Ops campaign and multiplayer! 3. Never heard this one before, but I believe that the programmers just wanted to scare off players from throwing monkey bombs out of bounds - which could effectively disrupt the coding of the zombie entities. 4. A true secret, possibly a minor Easter Egg that is just for show! 5. Rocket? I dont understand? B.T.W. BOI contains the base map of Kino Der Toten, unlike BOII! Awaiting your thoughts! =)
  7. Hey everyone! Just a poll regarding the important question of which console the majority of you will play Black Ops 3 on! Personally, I will be playing on the Xbox One and would like to estimate the size of the zombie slaying population that will be there with me! Have an awesome day! =)
  8. I absolutely hate it when teammates leave the game after being downed once - happens most often on Origins - and everything falls to pieces. This was extremely heartbreaking on Tranzit and Die Rise, as when a player was downed with a piece of a build able, noone knew where he bled out or where the missing part is. This was seemingly patched in Buried, Mob Of The Dead and Origins with "Leroy's" Candy Ability and adding each piece to a joint development immediately after pick-up. Still, if you start a game of Zombies as a team, you will finish a game of Zombies as a team.
  9. I love these ideas! Keep up the awesome work!
  10. As the name implies, this is similar to the charged up effects of the Ultimate Lightning staffs (especially the Ice Staff). When achieved from the Mystery Box, the player will receive 2 grenades, which each take approximately 3 seconds to use: Activation Animation: 1. The appearance of the device faintly resembles the Air-Strike Grenades from Origins with a blue-shifted colour scheme. 2. The player's available arm (with the other holding the device at eye level) turns the old-fashioned pocket watch visible on the front of the device to 20 seconds (the duration of the tactical grenade). 3. He then drops it down to the ground, where it drills half-way into the ground surface, before emitting a spheric blue pulse equipped with an appropriate sound effect. 4. Assembling an electric barrier around the player - which is spherical and can hold up to 4 people - while the clock counts down to 0 seconds and disables the shield, self-destructing in the process. The shield acts as an electric barrier and Insta-Kills zombies on impact. When the shield has 5 seconds remaining, it will flash red to indicate to the player that his protection will soon cut out. What do you think? Should the player be able to hold the device and run head-on into zombies - acting like an Insta-Kill? Love to hear feedback!
  11. All maps have Easter Eggs, just not long quests like in Ascension which is what I think he means. Exactly. I classify Musical Easter Eggs and additional segmented Easter Eggs that do not take a substantial amount of time to complete - and can be done practically every game - as a new breed of Easter Eggs (Enjoyment Eggs)! =)
  12. Just realised something interesting... (A secret for years?) If you Melee Attack just before you are hit with the Meat in Grief - or hit the player with the Meat - you immediately gain the Meat and text appears on the top of the screen saying: Your Gamertag has stolen the meat! (Or something of that nature...) Did you guys know? Came as a shock to me.
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