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  1. Pizzaboy5799

    New Gameplay Mechanic - Gun Enhancement Generator

    I respect and agree with your opinion 83457! =)
  2. Hey everyone! Just came up with a new idea for a custom gameplay mechanic... a Gun Enhancement Generator. Basically, the generators will spawn across the map like the gobble gum machines in Black Ops III. When a player approaches a generator, they are given the option to activate it for 60 seconds for 2000 points. The first and noticeable effect is that your clip is endless - like the Stock Option gobble gum. You may be thinking that this generator is quite expensive, but let me tell you its purpose. Basically, any player that is within the affected radius of the generator will see that an electric surge/current will be sent out from the device and link onto their hand-held weapon - this will not work with melee weapons or selected wonder weapons. If their gun was not pack-a-punched, it will now be pack-a-punched for 60 seconds while in the radius of the device. You may be thinking that we already have a gobble gum for this purpose - Ephemeral Enhancement. But this generator will work for up to 4 players at once if they all stand within the radius of the device. I think that it would be most beneficial to activate a generator on high rounds with pack-a-punched weapons, as the electricity will arc to your character's weapon and enhance them into "super" pack-a-punched weapons. So, you will have increased damage, new camouflages, e.t.c. Now you may be thinking... why should I spend 2000 points on a generator that enhances my weapons if I could purchase a 1000 point electric trap that would kill a horde instantly? Well, firstly, the electric trap and most of the traps in zombies kill zombies instantly, but you don't get any points or kills. With the generator, you - and up to 3 more players - can gain an enhanced weapon to kill the zombies while gaining points and kills. Think that this is a well-thought out idea? Leave you comments below. Have an amazing day. =)
  3. Pizzaboy5799

    *New Theory* Time-Loops

    Cheers PINNAZ! =)
  4. Pizzaboy5799

    *New Theory* Time-Loops

    Greetings everyone! It's been a while since I posted a zombies theory, but this one sprang to my mind after watching an episode of "The X Files" - specifically Season 6, Episode 14, "Monday". Basically, Mulder and Scully - the two main characters - keep replaying the same day over and over without any knowledge of previous attempts at the day. The only hope of letting time proceed as it normally should and continue on to Tuesday is to complete an objective that did not occur in all of their prior attempts at Monday - namely stopping the detonation of a suicide bomber in a bank. This got me thinking... Many of us may just assume that starting up a zombies map and spawning in as - ideally - the four characters associated with said map is a simple gameplay mechanic and doesn't require any additional explanation. However, could it be that the four characters relive the zombies map over and over until they complete their objective - the Easter Egg. The announcer that gives the players power-ups could be the ideal entity that could cause the time-loops. Think about it! Why would the announcer give blessings and upper hands to the player when their main objective is to watch them be devoured by the zombies - in the form of nukes, carpenters, blood money, e.t.c. Maybe the announcer sets a time-loop in the hope that the players can complete a sequence of events to set things right, and every time we play the map, we are adding one iteration to the mass time-loop. So, every time the players die at the end of a game of zombies, the day - or night - starts all over again from when they first received starting pistols. However, if the players can right their wrongs, or set things right, the time-loop will end and they can proceed onto the next map, where the time-loop starts over again. Leave feedback down below, and have an awesome day! =)
  5. Pizzaboy5799

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Exactly, Easter Eggs can take many forms - such as music queues or even pictures. They don't all have to show a massive progression in the Black Ops 1 story line arc. =)
  6. Pizzaboy5799

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Well spoken InfestLithium! TheThiny, it would be extremely unlikely that an Easter Egg has been hidden away in a zombies map for over 4 years - since the release of Black Ops I -, as most Easter Eggs are solved within the first week of release by budding zombie slayers! However, it would be cool if they could hide one away for such a long time... =)
  7. Pizzaboy5799

    Is the EE solved yet?

    Greetings Thiny! Time to have a crack at each of the stuff left to solve: 1. The green lights turn on in the teleporter to signal that enough kinetic energy has been transformed from chemical potential energy manifested inside the Element 115 power supply - or the 115 power source could undergo a rapid chain reaction of nuclear fission that is supposedly controlled in the confines of the teleporter. 2. Possibly just copied and pasted from the Black Ops campaign and multiplayer! 3. Never heard this one before, but I believe that the programmers just wanted to scare off players from throwing monkey bombs out of bounds - which could effectively disrupt the coding of the zombie entities. 4. A true secret, possibly a minor Easter Egg that is just for show! 5. Rocket? I dont understand? B.T.W. BOI contains the base map of Kino Der Toten, unlike BOII! Awaiting your thoughts! =)
  8. Pizzaboy5799

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  9. Pizzaboy5799

    Awful ways to die in Origins.

    It was Round 16. I was attempting a Solo EE run on Xbox 360 and was up to the final Ultimate Staff, Wind. I placed it in the holder and attempted to hold off the horde with... hold on... A PYTHON? I even forgot to place an assault shield on my back, yada-yada-yada, the teleported wasn't fast enough for my escape. GRRRRRR!!!
  10. Pizzaboy5799

    Is the EE solved yet?

    I always have hope in an EE, even if it hasn't been found I have hope. Kino's one of my favorites and if it actually had an EE that was found the community would be so excited and stuff because of the fact that they hid it so well. I am not saying there is one but if their was it would be so cool. Totally agree with you. Wouldn't it be cool that in the final zombies map, they told you what to activate in Kino Der Toten - or older maps - to unlock the Easter Egg as in the ending of zombies? That would blow everyone's minds.
  11. Pizzaboy5799

    UNITY | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

    Can't wait to see your next map, I love future map ideas!
  12. Pizzaboy5799

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Sliquifier? =)
  13. Pizzaboy5799

    UNITY | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

    This is one of the best ideas I have ever heard! +1 Brains! The ending gave the audience closure, with all of the main characters being better off than when they were fighting zombies. I love making future zombie theories and endings to the zombie story line, but this one really tugged at the heartstrings and was a beautiful read. Kudos to you! P.S. If you are thinking of making another future zombies map, I would be happy to help!
  14. Pizzaboy5799

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Guess last word is BEAST!
  15. Pizzaboy5799

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    T and H please!

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