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  1. Considering there will likely be a wait from the XBone release and the 360, I'll be on the One.
  2. He is a sumbitch, but the thing that seems to get me is when he has a group of zombies right next to him. So, if he manages to grab you, they all slap you upon release. Annoying.
  3. Yep, I have noticed this at that window next to Bowie Knife. I also saw a zombie behind the window that was running into the wall! I killed it, but it wasn't easy seeing as how it was halfway inside the wall.
  4. This crap happened last week to me where the last Ghost whore was actually INVISIBLE and just floating near the exit of the mansion. We could hear it and feel it pushing us around, but no way to kill it (tried claymores and errthang) so the game was ruined. Of course, just after upgrading and getting set for a good game. Smh :cry:
  5. Nice work, nerds. :geek: :? :ugeek: What an a-MAZE-ing thread! :roll:
  6. I think kiting/trains are a good survival tactic, but it's so much more fun and gratifying to get some badass weapons and systematically smash zombies. I actually prefer to hold down one spot with my team. It seems to be the best way to get far and help each other out. Loving the great ideas I see above, everyone. Now, if only a few of these wonderful ideas were somehow implemented into our favorite game... 3arc.. you bastards.
  7. Yes, Eternal. That's what I'm talking about! Just some NEW things or abilities. I mean, the zombies have been gaining more and more abilities and we haven't. Give the players some new skills. The Trample steam is great, but how about some more! Rewards for good play is what I really meant by that first post. Show us some love, Treyarch! Let's be honest, though. If they can't make the servers hold up for us,are they really going to work on this sort of thing?! :roll:
  8. While smashing thousands of zombies on Die Rise yesterday, my fellow zombie slayers and I were aimed down our respective scopes at the endless waves of the undead barrelling our way. A few times we noticed (how can you not) the green mist or sparks accompanied by that subtle noise indicating that you're shooting them in the face. "That was beautiful!" I exclaimed, and someone agreed. So, I suggested that Treyarch add some stuff that is A)More visually stunning B)Takes away from the monotony of running trains/aiming and shooting and C)Lets the players know if they are performing well or not. Possibly have a narrator/voice that informs you that you're kicking ass? Maybe something similar to Halo's killstreaks?! I don't even like Halo, but when you hear that dude say "Triple Kill" or whatever, it's pretty awesome. Maybe some ppl would say "That's not like OG Zombies, not for me." Toggle on/off? Any of you guys think that sort of thing would be cool? I'd like to hear your ideas and see some put into future maps.
  9. I really hope that, with the multiplayer engine, we are going to be able to climb onto things like railings. I see a steady increase in the moves available to the undead, but none given to the living. What gives 3arch?!? I think it would be so cool if we were able to hop over a rail or balcony (like the spawn room on Kino for example) and PEACE THE F*** OUT!!! :shock:
  10. Can't push all the buttons without 4 players = Can't do Easter Egg
  11. Round 28 with 2 players.. our 3rd had to quit
  12. I didn't say I picked them up. Did I??? [brains] I mean, I did, but only after I had my 2 friends witness the mayhem. And why would you NOT get a 2x Kaboom. That's a quick 800 pts. I'm not a retard, I let them sit as long as possible b4 swooping them up. For the record. They were on top of each other so I couldn't even pick 1 up without getting the other 2.
  13. There have been some pretty epic powerup combos I've taken part in. A 2x/Death Machine is nice, Insta/DM is cool too. I've even been involved in a Double DM!!! But I have never seen something like I saw yesterday. Round 3 or 4. Still in the 1st room. I was letting them in the 2 windows upstairs and i fragged a few... a 2x, Kaboom, and Insta-Kill popped out. AND THEY WERE ALL TOUCHING!!! Now why the hell can't this kinda crap occur on wave 30?!?? Lol Anyone else see some ridiculouos Powerups drop like this?
  14. It seems to me that the thing spins randomly, but the more time you spend inside the room with it, the less it spins. It's a sweet trap when it's spinning, but I'd prefer kiting the zombies around and earning more points off them... and maybe a powerup.
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