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  1. Could you clarify on the drinking and suicidevpart?
  2. Well, When you're down with Tombstone, it says "Don't feed the zombies". I think that's proof that they eat you.
  3. Stop mocking me0... if you don't calm down, I'm going to have to shoot you.
  4. I'm not sure if it would be as simple as blowing up the Moon. If it was that simple, you would think Maxis would have just blown up those 3 rockets right there and then. He could possibly use the HAARP devices to kill all the undead. I can imagine that using a certain frequency could blow up all the dead heads similar to how a sonic zombie from Shangri La does it. But that's just me being a little too creative. Whatever Maxis does, it's going to have to be a permanent solution. You could kill all the undead but 115 can always raise more. So I really think that he will try to dethrone Richtofen from his position in Aether.
  5. So Jimmy constantly sening out "hints" on Twitter is a giant cruel troll? Seeing as you agree with me now... damn straight we got trolled. Maybe next time.
  6. I really hope they do. As dark as this is gonna sound, this is the end of zombies. The end of BO2 will be the end of this zombies mode. I truly do believe it. So I'd really appreciate if Treyarch would bring this story full circle and tie up those loose ends with HAARP and the Death Ray.
  7. I would just like everyone to look above the nuketown device and recognize the huge shadow looming over it. This thing is COLOSSAL. It's obviously not being stood up by anything, this machine is flying ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps this the Death Ray that the Soviets and Americans stole from the late Nikola Tesla.
  8. The Illuminati strikes again! I think this really adds more to the background of Green Run than we knew previously. Now we know that there may have been secret exchanges going on between Team America and the Soviet Union. The Town and Farm seem to be fronts for secret genetic experimenting. Those creatures could have been shipped from Russia and used in the labs, possibly testing plutonium and 115 on them. This new information makes me a happy camper. :D
  9. If it seriously does say CCCP, then that means there was some soviet involvement. But I need to know if it seriously says that.
  10. If you combined the significant locations such as Diner, Bus Depot, Farm, and Town together, I guarantee you that it is not the biggest map. You seriously can't consider the fog part of the map.
  11. The Avogadro doesn't have flesh or bones or even a brain... Although you can say he isn't exactly living because he cannot reproduce or respirate, he is capable of thinking on his own. Kind of. I don't think he was a man. There are lab chemicals outside the power plant and I really just think they created using chemicals and possibly 115. Maybe or maybe not. 115 can do a lot of shit in this universe.
  12. No more voice files. No more to the easter egg. Move it along people.
  13. Well there isn't really anything to support that. There isn't much to support 115 being in the perks themselves either but it could be implied by past characters quotes. "I'm not sure, but I think the active ingredient in this rots your mind." ~Richtofen
  14. viewtopic.php?f=67&t=21880 This be the thread about the Russian writing on Moon. By Matuzz. Great thread. Assuming that Marlton was in the fallout shelter for a long period of time, he probably doesn't remember what life was back then. Such a poor fella...
  15. Oh hey look at that. In the easter egg you power up the tower using the 115 in the flesh of the zombies. Now the note in SNN makes sense. "It could be used to power HAARP". Maybe some of you already connected those dots but that is pretty damn cool to me. Which must mean that 935 was experimenting with radio waves since nearly it's conception in the 1940's. Perhaps 935 passed the torch on to 601 to bring the order to the undead. The TV Tower in Germany was never finished and the project must have never lifted off. Hypothetically, if these towers were to bring control to the zombies, someone would have to have the control. I hope just this doesn't end with Maxis gaining control and turning on us. :roll:
  16. Cool to see we're on the same train of thought here, MMX. I think Maxis is chilling in cyberspace now. He can't physically affect things yet until he enters an avatar of a sort. We have a robot bus driver. Maybe we'll have a robot Maxis in the future.
  17. Seeing as Maxis says he's been looking for people for decades, Green Run takes place at least 1980 or more. I'm just curious on what other people think, is Maxis an AI now or is he another guest of the Aether?
  18. Maxis is definitely trying to shoot beams up into the atmosphere for a specific reason. I'm assuming he's in the Aether but couldn't Richtofen just kill him? Who knows. That Bren Tower find is pretty awesome. These PC files should've been added in as radios. Would've felt really legit. Nice work Shooter.
  19. This is a wonderful theory that could possibly offer a fresh spin on Tranzit. 4 interesting characters picked up by a cross country bus. I could warm up to the idea if more evidence presents itself. :D
  20. I'm not giving Treyarch points simply because they are giving us more than they did in BO1. Tranzit is somewhat enjoying. The survival maps are too damn small and lazily done. Splitting up the map just feels restraining. Nuketown zombies feels really nice though. +1 for that. +1 for Tranzit to. To the "survival" maps. Step up your fucking game next time Jimmy.
  21. It looks solid. The gameplay didn't show too much of anything. Just the regular ol' zombies and the regular perks. And a few new things.
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