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  1. I'd love to be a part of this, but there would have to be some sort of tier system with different clans, because it will end up with the worst of the worst playing with those who are actually decent..
  2. I don't mean to be rude, but your response made absolutely no sense to me at all... Haha sorry I was trying to say that it might have been the leaked version. But it wasn't so it's okay just forget about it. Oh I see, you mean an early version? I didn't know Amazon had a system like ebay.. :L Coolio no worries.
  3. I think it's because it's the leaked versions. Don't quote me but I think it says used for 150. I don't mean to be rude, but your response made absolutely no sense to me at all...
  4. Just to point out.. Amazon UK have also stopped taking orders for the Hardened edition on both PS3 and Xbox. They say they will keep updating the page, but it seems stocks are low when it comes to the hardened edition. I got my order in 4 days ago when they suddenly offered the pre-order again before taking it down the same day. P.s Someone tell me why the PS3 version of the game is more expensive than Xbox.. Is this common amongst most games?
  5. When trying to support Nixon having done nothing wrong, I cited a source... from Nixon. See if you get the analogy. I follow your slight tautological analogy, but I fail to understand; nor as I believe, do you.. Topic was over anyway, this thread is getting unnecessary posts. Anything constructive and on topic is welcomed back.
  6. I feared this discussion would spiral downwards. P.s To those people doubting the 'popular' youtubers getting the game early.... 'MrRoflWaffles' is openly saying he was getting the game in advance of the release date. I'll link because I'm too lazy to embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQCi1z7G ... e=g-high-u No more needs to be said on this now; topic over.
  7. Not true, and in fact, illegal. I would still avoid them though. Many (not all) just want attention and will thus show the leaks. Also tom, re-read above ^. It's well known that many youtubers got there hands on both MW3 and Bops-1 early. I know its probably just rumour though, as its hard to believe anything at all, due to the amount of utter tosh that circulates. Yeah thanks MurderMachineX, I skipped over some of the comments, its already been pointed out about the upload dates... I must be blind sorry!
  8. I've heard from two youtube sources that game-play cannot be posted until the 14th at 12:01 am GMT and then the states in due course as the time-zone catches up. I may be wrong so this needs to be confirmed to avoid any trouble. *Edit* So I did two seconds more research and what I said seems to be holding merit (14th @ 12:01am) and does fit with common sense. Game-play allowed on the 13th would still ruin it for others and prove the game was obtained early. The easter egg/s will no doubt be cracked in a day, so this allows everyone a fair chance. Take notice: Multiplayer and Campaign game-play is allowed on the 13th. (This means Treyarch really are pushing Zombies out over anything else! Woop!)
  9. Because DLC are always available to Xboxers first!! So with the game release no one gets an advantage over others!! Wheyyyy Ahh Of course, I forgot! Do Activsion and Microsoft still have the contract then? I thought it should have finished by now! Seems totally unfair Microsoft has a beneficiary.
  10. Welcome to the site by the way. I really hope nobody solves the ee before the release. That would ruin a lot of fun. Especially for the ps3 people...that is the only chance,where we all can work together. Thanks for the welcome! I've hung around here a while now and finally decided to make an account. It seems quite a nice, close community. I don't tend to do the easter eggs, but I think I will this time around as they will probably be 100x better! Why especially Ps3 people?
  11. I'm glad I've kept a few of you away from it, personally I began watching the first leak and 5 seconds in realised what I was doing, so thankfully didn't see too much. I'd advise you all avoid even the videos from your favourite youtube gaming peeps, as although it is obvious they won't post gameplay, most have begun to talk about the leaks and there are major spoilers in the mix. Alot of high grossing youtubers are also getting the game early. So avoid them until release day for this reason as well! For those of you who have seen the gameplay; I'm sure there will still be plenty of surprises to come, as the part I saw looked absolutely amazing. Any more tips on avoidance are welcome and encouraged!!
  12. So I'm sure you'll all be aware by now of the clusterfudge of videos being uploaded, with legit gameplay from survival etc. If you haven't seen it/ heard about it. DO NOT go any where near it. It is 100% legit and it will ruin the surprise for you. If you have waited two years for this, stick out the two weeks left. I made the mistake of watching it. Yes, it is freaking awesome, but I do also want to erase my memory. Stay the hell away, keep the surprise! *EDIT* I know this site has super strict rules on the leak and I fully respect it, but If I spark a discussion with links just terminate it straight away.
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