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  1. Ok but then why do the zombies go after the meat than
  2. Yeh I see what you guys are saying but that might send CIA and CDC to destroy evidence
  3. Is the goverment hiding some because the whole green run county makes a person fill as they were back in the 80s but inside the pack a punch room and at power it as a future type fell in those areas plus at power that electric thing ( that is just annoying ) is above that big generator and so that come to my mind what is the goverment trying to hide or it could be someone besides the goverment
  4. What is the deal with the zombies hitting us but not bite us and want to eat our flesh :?:
  5. Fite2live21


    The song is very good but would like avegened seven folds better
  6. They should make it one that is like call of the dead where you help the old characters like they teleported after moon the 2025 and when you help you should a wonder waffle than if it runs out of ammo you lose it 8-)
  7. True but I'm all about the new wonder weapons and what they do how they reload and how they were made and the jet to me don't even need to be in the game or at least make in the box with a type of ammo
  8. Fite2live21


    Ok what is the song and where are all the Teddy's :?:
  9. Yes that would be that is a very good idea
  10. Some of my friends told me that the bus traveled all of the country
  11. Yeh it would be nice because I want use it just for fun you know and for Easter egg later
  12. true it dose but they should make it a little more simple instead of run here then run here
  13. How did he get in there and why did he go from Nevada to Green run county because dose isn't nuke town take place before green run so how is in that bunker?????
  14. I think that they should just put the wonder In the box and how many of you agree :?: I mean I hate making that thing :evil:
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