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  1. *Sigh* They're talking about Black Ops Zombies....
  2. Here are my ideas for Pro Perks for the possible next Map Pack. Juggernog Pro - Stopping Power Speed Cola Pro - Switch Weapons faster, and Faster ADS Quick Revive Pro - Pull out Primary while down, maybe jeep 1 random perk, and survive longer Double Tap- Pro - Extra Mags Stamin- Up Pro - Unlimited Sprint & Climb Faster PhD Flopper Pro - Increased Explosive Damage Deadshot Daquiri Pro - Faster Melee + Faster Shooting after Sprinting. Hehehe likey?
  3. Rumors are spreading that there will be a fourth map pack coming to Black Ops, named Retaliation. The rumored maps in the Pack are supposedly called: -Mansion, which takes place in Castro's secret compound in Cuba -Cargo, which takes place in a frozen shipping place in Greenland -Metro, which takes place in a city in Vietnam -Harbor, which takes place in an abandoned Shipyard in America. The zombie map will be called Quarantine, set in Area 51, which is a military base in Nevada which is classified as non-exsistent. There is also another hint that there there will be a fourth map pack: There's another page in the Zombie comic book on the Shangri-La loading screen. A fourth Map Pack seems highly possible to release as Map Pack 3 arrived in June. NOTE: All information on this post are rumors, not confirmed.
  4. iMDNi9WqxVk The Inside Xbox trailer for Shangri La. Enjoy.
  5. The killstreaks that Krazycookies listed actually sounds good. I wouldn't mind if killstreaks stacked again, just if they didn't stack if you had the nuke as one of your killstreaks.
  6. In result of the MW3 info leak, I'll recap what was leaked. Multiplayer Maps: Alpha Alps Bootleg Bravo Brooklyn Carbon Coast Dome Exchange Hardhat Interchange Lambeth Meteora Mogadishu Paris Plaza 2 Radar Seatown Underground Village Spec Op Modes Survival: Carbon Dome Radar Seatown Village Missions Civilian Rescue Flood the Market Invisible Threat Little Bro's Out of Africa No Fly Zone Wing Man I'm not sure if this is legit or if it's just plain BS, but I think this is legit. For more, look at Kotaku.com
  7. It annoys me that Treyarch only puts like 10% of the stuff we want into their maps. What happened to the AK-47 like on the poster? What happened to the machetes,pitchfork, and akimbo shotguns? I HATED how they put that in the trailer and then just leave it out! I like the zipline idea though. They need an Amm-o-Matic machine in the game! Maybe even add a stopping power perk? George Romero could be a real pain, but i can deal with him. I like the fact that he drops free perks. I also hate that not all the weapons are included in zombies! INCLUDE ALL WEAPONS! Also, what happened to that attachment machine? Their next/final map pack better be something to remember like Der Riese. Bring back the Wunderwaffe, maybe include all of the wonder weapons from the past maps including A NEW ONE. Include double PaP, new perks, HUGE Map with stormy weather, have new rides and traps, new, ultimate zombie boss (maybe samantha), include bonfire sale, free perk, and death machine as the reward, DROWN it in easter eggs, maybe even reveal samantha and most importantly, INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL ZOMBIE CAST.
  8. Dude i agree with you! I hate how they put cool things that people want on the trailers but won't even bother putting it in the game. This is exactly why i wasn't that excited for Call of the Dead, because I knew it would be a major letdown. Even though Call of the Dead is my favortie map so far, i'm still mad that they just put the things we want on the trailers and then leave them out in the actual game. Brains to you.
  9. What will you do when Call of the Dead first drops?
  10. Seriously man? Its really late.....but thanks for the attempted help.
  11. Come on man, you could give it a chance, they seem to have brought in new weapons that look awesome! Btw, NEW is not BAD.
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