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  1. So i was playing Call of the Dead the other day with 3 of my friends.We were about done with killing George as his light was only blinking red.my friend (eX Skills) had gotten the scavenger out of the box.we shot him about 3 times and he was gone.he had left a perk and the wunderwaffe(as usual) My other friend(ChinoKirby116) had pick up both wunderwaffe and perk.Once he had got the wunderwaffe he had noticed that he can change his weapons, buy different perks, and revive downed teammates. Also had 3 guns which was the wunderwaffe, the mp40, and the HK.I had no idea how this was done.Anyone got an explaination for this?
  2. Black ops map pack 3 poster viewtopic.php?f=69&t=12336opic:
  3. Not that i know of sorry.Will post the news once i find some proof.I was told it was released by Gamestop.
  4. Release Date:June 28,2011 Map Pack Name:Annihilation
  5. Can someone tell me the order on how to get to the ballistic knife in the clock?
  6. i Found 1.Its was DFN.I already put all my info
  7. Can woods possibly be in the Co-Op mode?But Hes the main Character in Campaign.
  8. Lol Yeah the PPSH is Named "The Reaper" After its Upgraded.I Barley started playing this game again because i cant take MW2 Seriously.I Mean to much cheating and what not.
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