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  1. My first Zombies experience was Nacht, after beating the campaign on WaW. I actually bought the game for my fiancé, but decided to give the campaign a try after watching him play it a bit. I beat it before him, found zombies, and fell in love. I remember pulling the Ray Gun out of the box for the first time. I thought to myself, "Dafuq is this alien weaponry?!" - Good times indeed. It's become somewhat of an obsession and I've had tons of fun playing it with my fiancé and friends. I'm proud to say I've been playing it with the same three guys since the very beginning, and it's been a blas
  2. I've had my share of fits when it comes to spawning in as my ghost self with Who's Who, but last night tops them all. I was playing with my fiance, his friend and his friend's girlfriend. We were just messing around, introducing her to zombies since she's brand new to the game. I wasn't even planning on picking up WW, but I received it from the Jacks. I needed to grab a Jugg, which was over on the far side of the roof, by the box spawn location, so I headed in that direction but I got double swiped from behind and went down. Next thing I know my ghost spawns in, on top of Jugg elevator, just i
  3. I know a lot of people believe they should reset the leaderboards, and they probably should, but I'm doubting that they will. Like you just said, they aren't going to go through every single game to see who used this to get to a high round and who didn't. A lot of people have used this "glitch", myself included (don't worry, I was local and got bored of it at round 30, don't know how someone could stand to sit and do that for hours!) and I'm betting it would take a good chunk of time to sift through everything to see who used it. It would definitely be unfair to reset those who got to hig
  4. This is very useful information! Thanks for taking the time to get it all together, and sharing it with us!
  5. I feel like this is just completely screwing those over who worked their asses off to get to high rounds. Like this "glitch", or whatever you'd like to call it pretty much squashes what they did with legit strategies, making it worthless to an extent. I'm not the type of person who cares about high scores and leaderboards. I mean, I'm not much better than the average player, but I have mad respect for those who can achieve these high rounds and awesome stats. Some people, myself included, may not care about their stats or positions on the leaderboards, but there are those who do, and tak
  6. I like the idea of upgraded perks, but I'm thinking it may make things a bit too easy. But, if you add in NikolaisVodka's idea things seem more balanced. You and your team must choose what you wish to upgrade that game, weapons or perks. Hmm, I wonder what an upgraded perk would cost?
  7. I've experienced the whole not being able to knife after going down with Who's Who and getting back up. Once was a couple of nights ago, another happened tonight. I literally could not knife. It didn't matter how many times I clicked the stick, it wouldn't work. But, I could knife again after dying off completely and respawning the next round. Needless to say I was prerty peeved, because I'm always going for knife kills when me or a teammate grab an Insta-kill, lol.
  8. I'm not much into the CoD multiplayer, never have been, and I only really play when my fiance begs me to. That being said, it seemed like 1,200 MS points was a lot to drop for one Zombies map, but after playing it quite a bit I can say I'm not disappointed that I bought the DLC solely for Zombies. If you're big into killing hoardes of the undead, and you like to play and have a good time with your friends I would say go for it. It's a pretty cool map, imo. I was all, "Dafuq am I doing?!" when I first played, mostly because I got turned around and lost, but navigating the map becomes pretty sim
  9. It's funny, because I've never been downed by some glitch on the slide. Ever. And I jump down it, too. I jump to the left (on the very last part) and spin around so I'm facing the direction I'm sliding. I don't even take fall damage, I just slide down nice and easy every single time. I've only ever seen one person die because of this, and it was the very first game we played on the day of the DLC's release. It's weird to hear so many people complain about it and not experience it for myself. Usually when there's a widely known glitch or bug I run into them at least once or twice. Guess I'
  10. How in the heck am I just learning about this now? Jeez, you take a break from Zombies for a little while and miss out on all the good details. You have my thanks for posting this juicy bit of information!
  11. So that's where those zombies came from! Holy crow! We used a QED to knock the 'egg/artifact' thing loose from the pyramid and all of a sudden zombies were coming at us. I was all, WTF? I thought one of our teammates killed the crawler by accident but then I realized that the round didn't change... really good to know that they can do that!
  12. I highly doubt that's the reason. They don't care about gamer score, I "piggyback" off my friend's arcade games and DLC all the time. As stated before, the reason you can't do it offline is because getting permanent perks would make you invincible in solo play due to quick revive being able to pick you up. It doesn't matter if every player had downloaded the DLC, you simple can't do it offline or in system-link play. I wish that wasn't the case. My internet connection doesn't always want to cooperate and there's nothing I can do about it because our ISP refuses to fix anything..
  13. "It makes a big boom, it makes a tiny boom." - I got a kick out of that, lol. Thanks for posting this. I knew some of the things the QED could do, but not all of them!
  14. He just racks up some points at Area 51, gets juggernog, and teleports, and just shows us like his early strategy. Then he's just running in the BioDome with the PaP WaveGun. It's actually kind of easy, except 70 must be a B!tch on your ammo lol. I see, I see. Seems like a lot of people favor running in the Bio Dome. I've only done it a few times, I mostly run around by Mule Kick. I haven't even come CLOSE to 70, though! I wish I could get that far. Maybe one of these days...
  15. I sooo wish I could watch this, but sadly the internet I'm on at the moment does not like me watching YouTube videos. Anybody mind giving me a quick rundown of what he does? S'ok if you don't wanna, haha. :)
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