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  1. p0nyexpr3ss

    How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    My first Zombies experience was Nacht, after beating the campaign on WaW. I actually bought the game for my fiancé, but decided to give the campaign a try after watching him play it a bit. I beat it before him, found zombies, and fell in love. I remember pulling the Ray Gun out of the box for the first time. I thought to myself, "Dafuq is this alien weaponry?!" - Good times indeed. It's become somewhat of an obsession and I've had tons of fun playing it with my fiancé and friends. I'm proud to say I've been playing it with the same three guys since the very beginning, and it's been a blast. We've become so tuned into each other, lol.. makes playing even more fun. Killing zombies brings me joy.
  2. p0nyexpr3ss

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    I know a lot of people believe they should reset the leaderboards, and they probably should, but I'm doubting that they will. Like you just said, they aren't going to go through every single game to see who used this to get to a high round and who didn't. A lot of people have used this "glitch", myself included (don't worry, I was local and got bored of it at round 30, don't know how someone could stand to sit and do that for hours!) and I'm betting it would take a good chunk of time to sift through everything to see who used it. It would definitely be unfair to reset those who got to high rounds without it.
  3. p0nyexpr3ss

    Galvaknuckle Room Glitch (now patched)

    I feel like this is just completely screwing those over who worked their asses off to get to high rounds. Like this "glitch", or whatever you'd like to call it pretty much squashes what they did with legit strategies, making it worthless to an extent. I'm not the type of person who cares about high scores and leaderboards. I mean, I'm not much better than the average player, but I have mad respect for those who can achieve these high rounds and awesome stats. Some people, myself included, may not care about their stats or positions on the leaderboards, but there are those who do, and take it seriously. And it just doesn't seem fair that some random person, maybe even a person with zero skill, can come in and do something like this and just shove the best zombies players out of the way. Anyway, that's just my two cents.
  4. I've experienced the whole not being able to knife after going down with Who's Who and getting back up. Once was a couple of nights ago, another happened tonight. I literally could not knife. It didn't matter how many times I clicked the stick, it wouldn't work. But, I could knife again after dying off completely and respawning the next round. Needless to say I was prerty peeved, because I'm always going for knife kills when me or a teammate grab an Insta-kill, lol.
  5. p0nyexpr3ss

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    I gotcha! Hopefully they'll put it up today, I'm dying to see it!
  6. p0nyexpr3ss

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    It makes me happy when the trailers come out.. but then I'm all "sdfjhdskfjhaaa!!!" 'cause I still have to wait! I end up watching them like 5 or 6 times before I calm down from the excitement. Good times.
  7. p0nyexpr3ss

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    LOL! But my facebook is all private. S'all good though!
  8. p0nyexpr3ss

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    shfjksdfhsdf! How did that^ happen?! Haha! :D
  9. p0nyexpr3ss

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    I'm too lame to have an account with some image hosting site, lol. Sooo.. It's kinda old, but I look pretty much the same.. except my hair is a bit shorter and I don't look so cheesy. Also, that's my fiance, Nathan.. my zombie killing partner in crime!
  10. p0nyexpr3ss

    Why does this always happen to us?

    Because they hate on me! They started it, lol.
  11. p0nyexpr3ss

    Why does this always happen to us?

    I agree with you there! I hate those damn monkeys!!!
  12. p0nyexpr3ss

    Why does this always happen to us?

    I wonder why we can't ever get free from him.. we've used Ray Guns, the Scavenger and nothing.
  13. p0nyexpr3ss

    Why does this always happen to us?

    I think George is supposed to down a player that he has cornered. Doesn't matter who hurts him, he always goes for the player closest to him. Well I say boo to that!!! Haha.
  14. Alrighty, so we're playing and having a blast, yeah? Everyone has 7 perks and the weapons they want.. hooray! The round ends and George spawns back into the game. Okay, no big deal. But then, something happens and one of our teammates accidentally enrages George. Said person gets chased by angry George and they get backed into some sort of corner. They are stuck. Next you hear, "OMG OMG! George has me trapped, I can't move!! Someone help me!" - One of our remaining teammate runs to the aid of said person. They shoot George, knife him, stick him with grenades and NOTHING. He simply won't get off the person who is stuck. He continues to swing away with his light and said person goes down... Does this ever happen to anyone else? Getting stuck by George doesn't happen often with us, but when it does the person who gets stuck ALWAYS goes down. It doesn't matter WHAT anyone else does, we can't get his attention to free the guy/gal who is trapped. Is it supposed to go down that way? If so, it sucks.

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