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  1. I NNeeedd Alll Mapss, they will faill if don't sell all the maps, they are using a old engine, so is impossible they say "was a hard work"
  2. agree, BUT look the map, cars, is the same from MW3 and mw3 > mw2 > mw1 this is really bad =/ look the containers, exacly like at MW1 o0 and why the year is 2025? because battlefield future warfare is 2023 and maybe will have the 2024. so the 3arc add 1 year for never be behind kkk
  3. i don't bilievi you can have more than 4 perks on solo, if this can happen, why have no video or screens??
  4. i tink you cant trade a powerup for a Perk. i tried 14x in 1 game and only max ammo
  5. ei, i found something, a perk: 1:01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXk2D0fA ... r_embedded is in the up tv, he is playing e will take the perk, like speed cola
  6. and did you see that if you tune a sniper rifle and use zoom in the eclipse, will see a 2 points reds, like 2 eyes?
  7. i was on lvl 15 in shangri-la and stopped, because this map is worshit on solo and split-screen
  8. i think this is wrong, because, here, left 20 hours to Map Pack 3 and 17 hours for yours
  9. kkkkk "ohhh i'm seen a face! THERE btwin the Nothing and the Nothing uahuahuahuahuahuua
  10. i'm from brazil and bought too, and i have only 15 years! big fans make big things
  11. why samantha smile when you play gersh devide inside of rocket launch when the rocket is lauching????
  12. hummm i don't care, i have the 1200msp to buy, but i don't have the i little thing.... the game o0
  13. I KNOW EXACLY FROM WHERE THEY GO!!!!! another place in ascension map ;)
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