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  1. Imo, it would've been cool if you survived at Area 51 for a certain amount of time they would unlock each Wonder Weapon to be bought somewhere on the wall on the moon. I don't know exactly how hard it is to survive there, but it could be like: VR-11 = 3 Minutes - 5000 Points Scavenger = 7 Minutes - 10000 Points Shrink Ray = 12 Minutes - 15000 Points Winter's Howl = 18 Minutes - 20000 Points Thundergun = 25 Minutes - 25000 Points Wunderwaffe DG-2 = 35 Minutes - 30000 Points
  2. Unless you'll have to purchase additional Perk Slots? Just allowing you to get all the perks without anything else needing to be done, wouldn't make sense to the Zombies we know, and usually, they don't change things like that.
  3. Well considering it defies gravity already, I think it'll be fine. But if the Mystery Box and such moved slower I'd be surprised Treyarch remembered to make changes to it.
  4. Not possible, we see the Pack-A-Punch at Area 51.
  5. Well.. at least we found the Pack-A-Punch
  6. With DLC 3 being released in late July most likely, Treyarch would be stupid not to release a Map Pack 4 in September or late August.
  7. Imo, I'd like it to go through the Pack-A-Punch, it'd be more fun to have something else to Pack-A-Punch now. Just like I'd eventually be able to Pack-A-Punch twice.
  8. Nice spotting their Krazy, that has a 70% chance to be a new perk. I wonder what it could possibly be.
  9. I've seen Double Tap, I'll watch through the trailers again and let you know where I saw it.
  10. So as we know right now there is only 5 Perks Purchasable on the Map. If you have all 4, and you survive a monkey round without them touching a machine, you will get the bottle (this is common knowledge by now) the bottle will give you a 5th Perk. Speculation: Maybe if you have all 5 Perks, and you get the bottle again it will give you Double Tap.
  11. I doubt it'll take you anywhere good, because it'd just be too easily accessible. Either it'll just take you somewhere like the beginning of the map, it may take you somewhere of certain death with the zombies. OR A far fetched idea, maybe if two rifts are open at once, it'll teleport you to the other rift.
  12. Alright, I was just re-watching the inside Xbox Video, and I realized at the end, when the player jumps into the Black hole bomb, Takeo and someone else, (couldn't see who it was) jump into the Black Hole bomb and get teleported somewhere. They don't get down, they just teleport. You can tell they teleport because if you look closely you can see their characters moving to another location like it did if you watched someone teleport on Five, Der Riese, or Kino. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTyjg5Z66Xk
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