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  1. Im not really sure, but during the trailer I saw this image in the ruins and thought back to when someone said about Counter Earth and the Moon glitch. Could this picture represent that, maybe also explaining the difference in ages etc. http://gyazo.com/664196f0e420608aaf8575268f482e6e
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    Maybe the point of the towers was to power the giant robots? Maxis probably didn't have the resources to power the robots at the time, so he got all the towers, then used the robots to help the Germans win WW1, thus letting him be with Samantha and/or be all powerful.
  3. Is it just my memory or in the loading screen does it not say something about using a boat when its dark or when the lights out?
  4. Might as well say this, in Pareidolia there is a line, "The faces in the sky Are looking for something more," Perhaps something to do with the jump scare, kind of a long shot, but might as well say it.
  5. In the map I believe that the zombies have no or very little connection with 115 and are in fact sent by Satan or an equivalent being, My proof? When 115 is entered into the number counter, the voice says "not this time" and changes to 666, To me this basically means the outbreak wasn't because of 115 this time, but because of Satan, If this has been said before, I apologise, thanks for reading,
  6. This gets me even more hyped for Die Rise. You should make a longer one if you have the time and make ones for the Black Ops maps, especially Ascension, I would love to hear a trailer set to Abracadavre. Please consider doing this if you have the time, epic trailer.
  7. Im pretty sure that they must have nerfed them in the last update as in the first game I played I lost the Head Popper abilty. Also I finally made a contribution to Codz! No matter how small! :)
  8. I propose we call the upgraded windows perk...Barric-Aid. Its only logical
  9. I read about them about a week ago and now I have the headshot and revive permaperk. I know there is a barricade perk but I also thought that there could be more in that for every listed field in the leaderboards eg. Grenade Kills, Gibs etc. Dont really have any evidence just a theory. Does anybody have any ideas about this? I would like to know.
  10. Im beginning to think that with each new DLC, we are going to get a new area for Tranzit and 4 or 5 survival mode.
  11. A Pripryat map would awesome MLHH. Uber-Creepy and a good reason to have mutations of the zombies.
  12. Lets hope Treyarch pays as much attention to the forum as they say they do because this is genius.
  13. It would be pretty cool to see a zombie map so close to home. Would be pretty intersting to see how Treyarch would intergrate this into their story.
  14. The crew weren't in Verruckt. Only Dempsey and some random marines.
  15. Click on the first link in my sig. I think I have a pretty good reason to why they went to Ascension then left.
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