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  1. Let's say there was a tunnel under the lighthouse.. Being serious and all, what would be there? All the guns we have on walls and the box... Traps? 2 or more pieces (1 is unlocking down there) THE AK47???????????? A broken teleporter? (for clue) Or even Peter ;T On topic: I think that line might be double meaning ;]
  2. Another Theory, Alright I'll try to debunk this... I've heard that anything can go in the green light, but the human from the VR-11 gun finished the EE. So i don't think that possible, UNLESS Its a double- sided easter egg with different results... Nevertheless, i'll try it soon enough and report back here.
  3. Just looked at it, and for some reason It seems truthful.. Idk for sure.. He claims to know unknown secrets in Kino, Ascension EE ending, and Cotd.. Secret cave... fire traps.. quick revive vanishing etc.. One that I saw was looking at Juggernog with Zombie vision (Vr-11 shot at a teammate) And something would happen.. I'll try this tommorow.. the 17th.. at around 6 Pm Eastern... Unless someone can beat me to it.. Post results.
  4. I'll check it also, Scavenger Pap'ed FTW.
  5. Thanks guys, I had no idea about the "zombie vision" making you invincible... and the upgraded one is 60 seconds... that's pretty useful...
  6. IamRichtoffen, IamTakeo, Iamdempsey,Iamnikoli... wow. Lol, This is getting good..
  7. Okay ... so as the title states i want to know all the uses of the VR-11 since its not really an attacking gun if you get what I mean and It has low ammo also. Okay here are the ones I know 1. Calms down George if you shoot him 2. Makes a zombie into a human, making zombies chase him (for just a LITTLE BIT, monkeys and gershs are better but w/e) 3. Gives you zombie vision Alright, so does any one know what zombie vision does? Or are we still trying to find this out... I think it has some species kind of effect..
  8. I'll try that tommorow and see what I can find, Tell me if you have any other marks or anything like that. Oh on topic i kinda think it looks like an adrenaline needle on some games it shows up like a shot with wings.. Oh, and Alpha [brains] for the great theory
  9. Sir, I know you are smarter than The Doctor, but he is way more cunning than you so he would probably stab you in the back and it would go a little something like this.. Sketch #1: Richtoffen- Hey takeo look the box! Takeo- Where? -looks- Richtoffen- buys bowie knife/ sickle- Takeo- scratches head -keeps looking- Richtoffen- -stabs- Sketch #2 Showdown.. Takeo- -Takes out katana- Richtoffen- -You think you can kill me? Noob. Takeo -starts rushing with Katana Richtoffen -thriows mw2 throwing knife Takeo- FUUUUUU But yeah, I think the doctor will end up being found by the other 2 characters... That's right takeo XD Btw, my other sketch was gonna be about sushi.. but that's racist Lol
  10. He said every gun right? I think it wouldn't be as obvious as the scavenger or VR-11 since they are knew additions... But, how about the DG-2? I really don't think it just servers for killing zombies, I think there is something that can be powered by electricity (trap) (door) romero body part, spot on map etc.. or just something you have to shoot with that gun.
  11. As you can see Takeo, not sure if this is true , but getting your gamerpicture after completing the call of the dead original characters trapped achievement, you look like a zombie, or you look like your go ze wundawaff up your ass, OR that your just very very sick. Sorry, buddy. :?
  12. Not so much him, as you can avoid him and not shoot him. He is just another just act like he is a boss and comes every 2 rounds, and have at least 2/3 camping spots leaving george at the other side of the map. OR just run and wing it. But yeah my max level is 14 on solo (did achievement EE) co-op (2)- 7 co-op(3)-11 co-op(4)- 9 This map is the hardest out of all of them, with the lack of traps... i don't even really use the flinger, ziplines are okay i guess... but it is mostly the spawning of the zombies too.. and the damn lake ;T
  13. Interesting stuff there man, so you can leave, so i'm thinking the guy we killed that went into the green light was a sacrifice to aether realm, for the golden rod, that way our heroes could pass, or fix the teleporter.. On another note, could the teleporter pass through different dimensions too? Brains for the information man.
  14. I like Rooker, New nikolai I like trejo, New dempsey and Takeo is replaced by sarah, sarah is okay if little kids want to tea bag her so be it, they tea bag me when im down in the other maps and they were all guys. I don't like Englund He's like bill from l4d Edit #1: To the person below me... Sandwitch and 69 :mrgreen:
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