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  1. You didn't see anything that looks like a face? :oops: Wait, I can see some sort of face, but it doesn't look like a little girl's face. The only reason I said Samantha's face is because of the wavy hair, I've seen guys with wavy hair but not like the hair in the picture.
  2. You didn't see anything that looks like a face? :oops:
  3. That circle to the left was from the topic I got the pic from. Look at the picture and being honest, doesn't it look like a face? The topic I got the picture of Ascension >>> http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=10595 *** The topic I got the picture from did not say anything about Samantha's face, or any face for that matter. I saw the picture and edited it to point out the face.*** Edit: Sorry for the huge picture.
  4. Sorry. First come, first served. Lol I swear was just about to quote dykeso and say I was first and as you know first come, first served. :lol:
  5. Like most people said above if it's to see something out of the map or test something out that's fine, but if it's used for cheating I don't like it at all
  6. Danke mein guter Herr As soon as I saw the new Ascension pic I was like HOLY SH** WHERE'S THE MOON!? lol
  7. Hop a ride on the lollercoaster. He doesn't know about the EE yet. :P
  8. Something so big, yet I couldn't even notice that it had disappeared. :shock: That's a great reason why you should give me [brains], because I noticed that. but seriously... give me the damn brains LOL
  9. I noticed the moon is gone from the picture.
  10. Why doesn't Richtofen just time travel back to when the outbreaks didn't happen and stop them?
  11. Richtofen holding a MP40 in one hand shooting zombies, and in the other hand he is holding a bottle of Double Tap Root Beer. (He is drinking it while shooting zombies.) On the back it should say Ed wants your head! I know I would buy it immediately.
  12. Deal with the Devil. This perk costs 1000, it is so cheap because it gives you 50% chance of gaining a random perk. Good right? Then here comes the bad part, you have a 50% chance of losing a perk aswell. If you don't have a perk when buying it you will just get a random perk but the price will be increased to 2000. Here are some quotes I came up with. Dempsey: Better not take away my perks, stupid bitches. Nikolai: Tastes like vodka OHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH oh wait, I can lose a perk? The only downside to vodka. Takeo: Lets get our random perk! Hold on a second... This can take away my perks? THIS MACHINE HAS NO HONOR!!! Richtofen: Hmm just like the Pack-A-Punch deal, Faust is taking place and, I mean uhh uhhh what is this thingy?
  13. for lMaxis did anybody try Adolf or Hitler or Blondi? Maxis was around the time of Hitler and Richtofen mentions Hitler's dog Blondi... I have no clue here I just want to get in one of the Der Riese server accounts really bad lol :ugeek:
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