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  1. Apocalypse is basically the zombie realism mod The 2nd mode however is somewhat cool though. but the odin machine ... Like said above, its an easter egg gift its too cheap to be a perk EVEN if its 50 grand
  2. how long does it take for the teleporter to become free to use again? it lasted like 6 rounds for me and the teleporter STILL didnt open up i was trying to get jug in area51 and i ended up dieing...
  3. lol i like how alot of people are saying its hard first try i got to round 30 :ugeek: :ugeek: lol but i watched gameplay before so yeah xD. also u gotta get lucky at the box which i did wave gun 2nd try.
  4. Nice ideas, also can 't wait till rezurrection comes for ps3 :D
  5. I've done shotgun and off the wall, anyone know any else? feel free to leave alot here.
  6. i.e off the wall run or shotgun run, anyone know a good one i havn't thought of?
  7. The problem with the mule kick area is the astronaut. He can basically eliminate 1/2 of your train area by him being there. You have to kill him right away. Which I hate doing. But Biodome is so huge and open that you can not see him for an entire round. Well, it's not that hard, but true that its annoying, yeah in the biodome i gotta say it is a bit easier tho, but i like it in the mulekick area cuz u get infinite ammo basically :D
  8. Really?, im surprised most people havn't gotten that far, I play on PS3 but at my friends house he let me play on his xbox, so ive been watching some gameplays before hand, and i kinda know where to train, so basically just go to the mulekick-74u area just stay there until u get enough points to PaP then go pap then go back to same spot hack the 74u and stay there, i got to round 31 that way until i got bored.
  9. I have one thing to say about the Tri-gun Tequila. What if you died and the perk ran out(obviously you get revived). Would you lose your 3rd gun? It would truly suck, because it could be a wonder weapon :/ Anyways nice thread here are some [brains]
  10. Once in kino, I had the mystery box get a teddy and then it kept laughing until the end of round, just throwing it out there.
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