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  1. Is every1 in here retarted? I know HOW to do it. I need some1 to confirm that this works off-line.
  2. Yes I am doing this 100% correct and I cant get anything to happen.
  3. I understand how to do them. But they aren't working for me. I don't have internet and I'm OFFLINE. does it work off-line?
  4. I play on ps3 off-line. I'm curious about how to get the other 2 songs to play in tranzit? All I hear is carrion. When I play nuketown 2025 off-line and shoot all the heads off the mannequins nothing happens. Activision arcade doesn't unlock. Can any1 help me and try it off-line?
  5. We won't see it in a call of duty game. A walking dead game is already under development and comes out in a few weeks! It looks pretty cool! www.walkingdeadgame.com
  6. its all good rocknroller! After u timed out we continued on to the step where the golden rod is between the plates. and the crawler we had respawned into a full zombie and killed me while i wasn't looking and we failed at round 19! hit me up if u wanna try again
  7. Jibsteezy420

    Big Bang PS3

    Any1 do the big bang on ps3 yet? Just curious if there is a trophy or not. I just did cryogenic slumber party a few minutes ago. And died b4 we even got the death machines! Still got trophy tho.......
  8. probably coz theres heaps getting it at the moment. yeah at least you have it. nah i don't think so this time......... it always takes me at least an hour and a half to dowload any cod dlc. Always has......
  9. my internet is going sooooooo slooooowwww!!! only 30%! WTF!
  10. yeah just open and close. Yeah over 900 views since I started this topic. Most I've ever got in a topic! lol! To bad I dont get brains! lol
  11. Its a staggered release guys.... just keep checking. May take a few minutes to hit your region.
  12. prolly gonna play solo till my team gets the maps. I have the fastest connection out of all of us! then gonna just mess around. Prolly do easter egg tommorrow.
  13. yeah i've already downed 2 rockstars and have my blunt rolled and ready for first game!
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