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  1. the homepage has a picture of Obliterate the zombies, But in the middle it looks like a reptile or something, any thoughts ?
  2. That would actually make it badass, Add a little bit of comedy too like Nikolai being drunk
  3. Perkaholic Effect-Allows to have more than the max amount of perks. Downside-Could disable any perk machine only for you. Cost-1000 points Logo- a person with a lot of bottles like a bondlier.
  4. Don't flame me if this is already a topic but I found a pattern, first strike,esclation, maybe retaliation because i think treyarch is using military terms. also a glitch kind of happened to my roommate, he went to check it out on the hard drive[because we sometime don't to play the map pack due to bugs] and it said retaliation map pack.
  5. If your playing solo, open the basement door at round 3, then buy the MPL and stay in those 2 rooms untill round 8. and you should have about 10000 points, open whatever doors you start the train at and here you go.
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