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  1. Are the leaked maps real? Has it been proved wrong, I have an Xbox so I can't confirm it's still there. Heres the video I saw it in sorry if this seems cryptic i don't feel like explaining today.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgiRM5mS ... re=related Anyway each DLC has 5 maps right? 4 multiplayer and one zombies. Now with 5 maps in the list we have 3 options. 1 They have 6 maps, which isn't unlikely but I don't expect it. 2 Is the leaked maps include the zombies map so we're left to guess which one. 3 There isn't a zombie map. *Gasp* I refuse to believe it Sir! Anyways if this has been posted before sorry my search is broken! I googled it and only found a pre Black Ops thread from Carbon talking about the Country boards. *Note: The 5 maps are Hotel, Cubatown, Icebreaker, Outskirts and Cargo. Because of the way there written I think Icebreaker may not be a map or Icebreaker and outskirts are both zombie maps *What!?* Although I suspect Outskirts is a WaW remake.
  2. Once on solo i was defending quick revive (i got jug free it wasn't open 8-) ) and the cosmodrome or whatever killed the last monkey as it jumped off and I had a max ammo and a free perk floating. Jesus that pictures big. Sorry it's the best one. *Caps Lock On* DEAL WITH IT. *CAPS LOCK OFF*
  3. Man that cake sucks.... lol jk. Happy birthday carbon!
  4. I'm not trollin but those perks seem like to much. I want the mp40 back 1st of all and the m60. Then I want double tap back as an option even if I won't use it I want to see all the 10 year olds freaking about which perk to buy then I wouldn't mind a new wunderweapon and an ammomatic maybe? Ammomatic may be to much. As for the map the nazi base in the dark of the moon sounds epic. And maybe a powerup machine that's kinda like the box but spits out a random powerup but it would be overpriced like 5000 at least so you can't just sit there and use it at those higher rounds or maybe a bad location to fix that to. I have plenty of more ideas but I'd say that's good.
  5. I had a thread on the same thing but its alright lol. Anyways did you notice anything different? It happened to me to I just wondered if you noticed something I didnt .
  6. Guy above me did you look above you or just post? Like the other guy said all the people making and or designing guns would be zombies. And I have heard people say each person says the facebook quote except richtofen which we could have just not heard yet. Also have we checked facebook for their pages? Just wondering lol it wouldn't be the first time a game developer created a fake facebook page.
  7. Well although it doesn't looked photoshopped I believe there's a door directly under him that we can get to normally(don't hate me if I'm wrong) also what lander glitch? I'm googlin it right now. *edit saw the lander glitch... still not sure about the door I might try it tomorrow *edit 2 ohhh yah guy below me I didn't remember that my question is why didn't this guy buy it and go inside? Did he say he couldn't it just showed up? Once again I may try it tomorrow
  8. Could I have one with a monkey from ascension and richtofen shooting at it? The red hue just from the monkey round is fine or the yellow from the start of the monkey round. If it has a red hue I would like a blue border and if yellow a red border please. Just get around to it when you can and I don't want any text.
  9. Wait from what the guy above me said about them knowing we will use crawlers for it what if that gives us a fail or maybe the last gersch that we shoot into has to suck in a few zombies? My xbox is broke so can someone else try?
  10. Who's on first gets it I guess lol this is what I've been trying to say everyone who just decides its done makes me mad because unless theirs a voice saying like they need more power they presume its over. I doubt its over despite what the code says and we definitely need an open mind, wether we missed something in the code or more will be written in an update who knows although the black hold bomb seems to get my attention at least but back on topic we need a way to play both files to see. What each says could be what were missing.
  11. I was thinking that the 3 rockets were from the campaign (executive order I think) multiplayer(launch) and zombies ascension(duh) and as to the 3rd and 4th I think that its linked to mystery man to release the caged man ( yuri) you need gersch devices or something. Wait... I just realised... the 3 rockets from campaign multipllayer and zombies... you can blow up 2 what happens when you blow up the one on launch has it been done?
  12. If I'm correct the poster was made by oxm (sorry if I'm not) and it definitely advertised the entire zombie mode with a creeper somewhere on there I think. And think about it, technically it was half right with the ray gun and thunder gun... woulda been sweet with someone holding a gersch and matryoshka (Spelling Fail) doll.
  13. What if you go back in time to kill samantha but either someone can't do it aand stops you or the zombies/sam with powers get through after you and protect her, best game of zombies evar :shock:
  14. The fact that they're needed for half of the big easter egg isn't enough?
  15. Have you tried picking up some of the many batteries around the map or are those for something else? There's one next to the first teddy bear for the song for you to try
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