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  1. i thought it was a minute that you were invincible?
  2. i only got to seventeen with four people. soon, im going to try out solo though!
  3. i was watching this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beUhFbZt ... ideo_title pause at 1:12 - 1:13 see that there is a "sparky" battery. does this have any correlation with the whole steps from ascension, or is it just something that treyarch tried to distract us with? what do you guys think?
  4. yeah, uhm. we alll know that you get a free perk when you don't let the monkeys destroy your perk... :roll:
  5. ahh, i really like this theory. but it really reminds me of inception, alot. back on track, like the OP, i think that Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo are getting tested on. but i don't think maxis is the one testing. maybe it's all richtofen that did everything and maxis was the assistant.
  6. i really like this idea. this seems like it would make sense because it says he was a cosmonaut. maybe after he was done with space travel, he worked on his own ship Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. it was a ship used for sending and recieving communications, such as the voice in te beginning when you start the game.
  7. it didn't count? that sucks! what was your strategy?
  8. but before that, god had to get off his *** and start making a bunch stuff!
  9. or maybe im just thinking a possible reason that they could have thought of that.
  10. but before that, your grandparents had to get freaky one night(:
  11. before you do that, you have to use all three lunar landers!
  12. but i think there must be a reason why they put it in. for the nesting dolls, it was a decorative, i think. and it was used during the soviet. the cymbal monkeys, because they were actually used as a toy in the 1950's in japan. there must be a reason why treyarch decided to put this into the game.
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