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  1. So, I have been gone for a while. But what happened with the whole tacitus thing? I just noticed on twitter that tacitus inc and Raul Menandez have been posting today. And Tacitus tweeted a YouTube channel with one video.
  2. It just sucked that after the first fire sale, we were stuck with either having to buy wall guns or hope for either a fire sale or max ammo. It really sucked if you died, all you would have was the pistol with no time to get to a wall gun
  3. We had a good game going last night. Everybody had good guns. We kept hitting the box to get ray gun, and to get it to spawn in the dome. Well I hit it last and got the bear. Right when that happened someone picked up a fire sale, after the sale was over, the box just sat there with the top opened. Never respawned after that, just a open box the starting room. We hoped if we got another sale it would reset it, but no go. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, we got a weird drop perk that me or the other people have never seen before. It might have been mentioned before and I missed it. It was a Z with 2 lines going thru it kinda like a dollar sign. What was it?
  4. Jesus. It has taken almost an hour to get back into this thread. Kept getting a page that all it said was the web address for the site. Grrrrrr
  5. Works on my cell phone pretty much. Except for getting into this thread. Gave me a error a few times. But I can't get on the site from my computer. Keep getting the suspended thing. Even after clearing history. Also, if you want to get a private server, I have been talking to a friend thatcan help.
  6. The only reason I got pisses about it was because we were trying to get the lights out or whateve its called achievment. We were doing the easter egg, but one person in our party wanted to keep turning the knobs everytime we would get close to finishing them.
  7. Grrrrr ........ Got the scavenger first time to the box. Finally got enough to upgrade it. Went to get him to follow us to water from the top of the light house on the zipline so we could try to kill him. Well heuss what, The game glitched. George just disappeared. But you could still him talking and on the zipline. Happen to any one else?
  8. I can't stand him. Especially when your team pisses him off then just leaves you. Team did it to me last night. Got him all pisses then ran off. Next thing I know, he has me stuck in a corner then kills me. And I had just gotten the vr11. But what pisses me off the most is the host migration crap. After trying to get in a game for close to 45 minutes, I got into 1 game
  9. This is why society is going to hell. Its a Damn video game. Not real life. Get the hell over it. No one should lose there job. God I hate over sensitive people like you.
  10. ill talk to a guy that runs a site i help on and see if he has any ideas on getting one
  11. im still confused on one thing. i remember one night he was in chat and we were asking questions about the code, and he mentioned that it would be a good time to pick up a chatpad when the game came out. but i havent found anywhere to use it yet.
  12. Ill get some pics of the prestige this evening when I get home. Aslong as it hasn't been stolen off my. Porch
  13. im in gt= skinny jay time zone= east coast. ill be on about 6 in the evening my time
  14. i would atleast like to help in chat, seems like during the daytime(east coast time) things can get out of hand or someone wants to keep posting leaked footage. and that just gets annoying imo. if im paying for a game, i dont want to see it before it comes out. but i also vote for trixster, wolfy and demon.
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