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  1. jacob404

    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    This is a glitch. i made a topic about this. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7081
  2. jacob404

    monkey bomb glitch?

    yeah i hate when the monkey disappears. And about juggy... Well, watch this- http://www.justin.tv/wtfizz/b/277383752 This happened to me while i was live streaming. (I was just fuckin around in pubs with that gay shotgun. lol) But yeah, finally i have PROOF
  3. jacob404

    monkey bomb glitch?

    Anyone who used the glitch are cheap and pricks. I play legit, and all my leaderboards have dropped from like top 150 to 1000+. They all went down mysteriously after the monkey glitch was found. I dont care if you're "in a snitch". You get 3 monkeys per max ammo, let alone if more than 1 person has them. If you need more than that many monkey bombs, you deserved to die. Play legit and actually get better at zombies. :facepalm:

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