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  1. exciting development: 2 of the people I used to play with contacted me and we are planning on playing together when bo3 comes out. watch out boys we comin for the leaderboards
  2. im getting back into it with bo3, and im skipping bo2. i didnt like tranzit when bo2 first came out, so i quit playing
  3. Hey guys. I used to play zombies nonstop back in black ops 1, I quit when bo2 came out because I didn't really like the direction zombies was going at the time. I was pretty active on here and so I was wondering if anyone remembered me. I used to stream here: twitch.tv/jacob404 (not advertising, I literally don't stream anymore. just trying to give any info that might spark memories!) My stream title was usually: Jacob "The Zombies Guy" 404, or "we run (mapname)" I did 2 person runs mostly with my friend wtfiz. We had top 100 on a bunch of maps (proof of one of our runs http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/136509-ranked-number-59-legit-check-this-out/) and we were about as tryhard as zombies players get. I also ran with the following people, in case any of this will help you remember me: heartless OG, bullishtoast, ego the icon, bigtimer. Anyways I can't really remember any more details but I'm just hoping at least one person from here remembers me, since I lost contact with my old group of friends. Just bought an xbox one and trying to get back into it with BO3.
  4. The names of the maps are whats under the 'tape'. it should be really obvious to you guys. cmon. look at all the posters and use common sense. they are going to call a zoo map- The Zoo, instead its going to be whatever is under the tape. im guessing they will release the map names within the next couple weeks.
  5. Source 1- http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/viewt ... 28811.html Source 2- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Treyarch/43119577723 According to treyarch, it is not over... They said- "If you don't want the easter egg to end, maybe you shouldn't let him escape. ;)" They also said- "There are alternative ways to accomplishing this...but I guess you'll find the entire thing out on March 1st, but there's still a little something that Xbox users haven't figured out. ;)" Opinions?!
  6. As you may know, there is a glitch on ascension which was featured in a video on next gen tactics. Here is a full explanation. It happens in 3 instances that i have seen. 1- If you try to buy a perk while you are reloading/switching guns. 2- if you pick up a death machine during a monkey round, than get hit by the monkeys "ground pound" while you still have the death machine. OR if you get the "perk a cola" while you have a death machine. 3- it can also happen randomly after the easter egg as a result a broken chain in coding (could possibly hint at an update being needed for the easter egg to be continued.) Some of the "side effects" of the glitch are: * Can not use frags. * Can not use claymores. * Can not use Gersch/Matroyshka dolls. * Can not switch to secondary gun. * Can not buy perks. * Can not buy guns off of the wall. * Can not buy frags. * Can not use the mystery box. * Can not buy Pack 'a' Punch. * Can not buy sickle. * Can not dolphin dive. * Can not revive teammates. * If you got glitched when trying to buy a perk, no one else on your team can buy that perk. There are 2 ways that i know of which will fix this glitch. 1- You must let yourself go down by a zombie. This will make you lose all your perks, but you will gain back all the other things ruined by the glitch. *Note* If you get the glitch as a result of buying a perk/picking up perk-a-cola you will get that perk back when you are revived, but none of the other perks back. 2- You must revive a teammate. This way fixes all problems caused by the glitch, and you will get all of your previously bought perks back for free. Just thought i would clear up the confusion.
  7. This is a glitch. i made a topic about this. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7081
  8. nope. it tells you "lander pad requires activation" or something like that until you call it to a pad. i thought this would work too. good idea though.
  9. Yes, monkeys do still get harder every time. At round 53 with 2 players, it took 3 upgraded thunder gun shots to kill one. And it takes a clip of upgraded raygun to kill 1 monkey. Btw, you shouldn't put "Round 50+" in the title if you have only been to 38. 40's are way harder than the 30's... And well, as you could imagine the 50's are even harder yet. I got to round 55 with 2 players, 4750 kills, and im #60 on leader boards for rounds(damn glitchers took up like 50 spots). Not boasting, i am willing to give an in game, detailed full strategy guide to anyone who wants it. Just send me a message on xbl saying "codz ascension walk through" and i will play with you and show you exactly how to get to 50+. gt= jacob404
  10. :D Thanks. Im not playing ascension on that account until treyarch fixes the leaderboards! :lol:
  11. 8-) Me and my friend decided to do work on Ascension... We played it last night. The game took about 6 hours. My GT- Jacob404. His- WTFizz Both of our "rounds survived" counted. My score didn't save on leader boards. Read the whole thing, cool stuff at the end. Stats We made it to round 55. I got 4,750 kills. (#1 for kills on Ascension) Ranked number 59+60 for rounds survived. Fizz is ranked #50 for score with 750,000 points. I had about 500k points. I only had 2 downs on round 50. I had 5 downs at the end of the game. Anyways, the cool thing is... I live streamed/recorded the entire thing! So, here is all the game play you could imagine! (Rounds 1-29) http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279959739 (Rounds 33-41) http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279960674 (Rounds 41-46) http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279960900 (Rounds 47-51) http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279961110 (Rounds 52-55) http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279961259 Funny Moments / Highlights (Funny Fail Trolling) - http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279961530 (Round 50 Stats) - http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279935592 (Round 55 Stats) - http://www.justin.tv/jacob404/b/279935769 I also found a really cool easter egg at round 50 that I think is brand new! I will update this topic with a video of that tonight! Thanks for checking this out... [brains] if this helps you get far/if you enjoyed the vids.
  12. Confirmed... I saw that post, than this topic... And i thought the same thing.. [brains] for kennedy for being the original finder.
  13. We all know how to get to the death machines, but everyone seems to be stumped about what to do next. It's possible we all skipped a step, thus making the whole easter egg fail... Think about it like this- Here are the steps we have so far: * Throw a gersch out of the map. You have to throw it pretty close to the generator. * Walk up to the computer and press X. * During a monkey round, all 4 players must press the buttons at each perk machine. (1 button each, at the same time.) * You need a balistic knife. All 4 players must stand on the pressure pad (near the pap) for 2 minutes. * You need Gersch, matryoshka dolls, Thunder gun, raygun, and crossbow(all upgraded). You need to throw a gersch, the dolls, and shoot it with the right amount of each gun. * You get 90 second death machines. What to do next, is unknown. Now... Look at these steps... Think about these steps as if you have never played this map before (or done this easter egg), and try to look at it as if someone was reading you these steps for the first time. Do any of them in particular stick out to you? Perhaps one of them seems quite a bit easier than the others? It seems rather obvious to me.. The 2nd step is a joke compared to the rest of the steps... Maybe there is another part to this step, that we over looked? Theoretically speaking, if you were to complete the other part of this step, it would 'unlock' something on the death machines step. This 'unlock' could be as simple as: now being able to shoot down a door, enabling the '4th lander', or any other theories we have had for the death machines up to this point. (which would now be possible to accomplish as a result of this 'unlock') Opinions?
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