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  1. not the pap version! only the un-pap'd version is on the career
  2. i was just thinking about the ppsh apparently being in the map just a theory but why would treyarch go to all the trouble of creating, importing and re-modelling the ppsh PaP Or "the Reaper" for it just to be "taken out" it doesnt make sense ???? personally i think its in an update, but who know??? post your theories on the subject here
  3. look, your clearly a PS3'r, we as xbox'rs HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING..... unlesss there is a patch nothing new will happen because there is no whistling wind sound.......END OF.
  4. i was just sifting through the code for ascension and saw this level thread play_egg_vox( "vox_ann_egg6p1_success", "vox_gersh_egg6_fail2", 7 ); now a vox, if i am correct is a sound clip now ( i think ) this coding suggests there are 2 routes to the egg a fail (vox_gersh_egg6_fail2) and a success (vox_ann_egg6p1_success) now i am no coding genious but there are 2 different VOX'S there are we have only heard one now either we are all amazing at the easter egg or we have all done it wrong and got the fail? oh and please tell me if i am completly wrong and barking up the wrong tree ??
  5. lol you have a very valid point.... on another note i have never loll'd as much in my entire life, MAXI PADS HAHAHA!!!!!
  6. the spinning thing has nothing to do with it at all i am 99.9% sure of it, in another post somone suggested it would spin forever not why the heck would treyarch have that spinnging forever you would just stand under and get to RIDICULOUS rounds, think about it, its a G-Force testing chamber....nothing more
  7. I can vouch fo ZeDark i was there we DEFINITLY did not have all the weapons and when we got the death machines we tried a couple of theories and that was the end of that.... i really do wish i would have taken pictures, i can safely say 1 MILLION percent we did NOT have every weapon.
  8. i was there and we tried everything :/ and post something about us not needing the crossbow upgraded
  9. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VK9VH0SG v2 is here, took me 3 hours to gather the skills to create drop down lists and the ratings below the weapons also have dropdown lists with colours that change depending on the word :)
  10. i will try and work on a drop down list for them if you can then i will post a v2
  11. you could be on to something in another post someone said that sam was mad and was sending all she had at us, i dno if they were the exact words but it went something along those lines, maybe you have to activate something else, also there are 6 steps to getting death machine and if you look at this from the campiagn mode a few match up but not all, 1. Secure the keys. 2. Ascend from darkness. (Ascension reference or turn on power) 3. Rain fire. 4. Unleash the horde. 5. Skewer the winged beast. (blow up rocket, maybe) 6. Wield a fist of iron. (Acquire the Death Machine.) 7. Raise Hell. 8. Freedom. back to the matter in hand, if the next step was raise hell then that could link in with samantha "sending all she had, at us" and thats what the death machines are for? who knows maybe someone else could add to this, oh and [brains]
  12. seems plausable, also the players seem to have aged by around 20 years since WaW so that would also put them in the same period as "FIVE".. or it could just be better better graphic representation of the faces :/ who knows?
  13. hi i have recently been creating a spreadsheet to help rookies and experts at zombies the spreadsheet has features like an easy to use GUI, tools to work out zombie numbers and weapon damage charts (DenKirson) and zombie history to log your past games.. i would like a few people to look at it and tell me what you think and what can be improved, and a few people to trail run it and also give me feedback so i can improve it, your help will not come un-noticed. thankyou here it is : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OVGE7IMV
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