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  1. I think a T.V. series would be the best way to go about telling the zombie story-line in detail............That way it won't be limited by time and the plots wont be condensed and simplified to allot for a normal 2hr movie.....but on the down side it could be canceled after a season if the ratings are not up to the networks expectations.....
  2. This would be amazzzzing!!!!.............The only thing if see going wrong is that it would be a steep learning curve to the average zombie player.........The only way i could see this working is if Treyarch introduced this mechanic slowing like they did with the Easter eggs..first they did a short one in Der-rise and went crazy from there, which was the first really big evolution in zombies, I strongly think that these new gameplay mechanic will take zombies to the next level just like the introduction of easter eggs did.
  3. I thought woods died in BO he did jump out a 3 story window with a live grenade...........the tattoo is a military brotherhood type of tattoo.... so it could be a new character that was close with woods and was part of his squad before the events of BO......or he somehow survived
  4. My idea would be to implement a new Inventory Menu to the next CoDzombies. How it works -Pressing the (select)key brings up a screen that shows all items that have been picked up and which player holds them. -If all players hit the (select)key within 5sec the game goes into a pause mode that will allow players switch and combine items they have picked up. Ex) Player1 picks up the head of a hammer and Player3 picks up the stick......all payers press (select) and they combine them to be able to board windows faster......take this example and think of all the possibility's it could mean for a figuring out a major Easter egg -This pause function could also be used for a emergency break -To stop people from just randomly trying to put stuff together....if you do it wrong 3 times the object breaks and u have to go find it again Other ideas of things to put together Parts of an ammo box-->max ammo(10pieces) x4Hammer Head and x4Stick-->Faster window boarding for players that have completed hammer Shin-Guards--> No crawler Damage(10pieces---2plates 6straps)each player Body Armor-->Take one extra it before going down(12pieces---4plates 8straps)each player Ect........ Some these items would be randomly on the map the rest could be a out of the mystery box -This would give people who have tons of money and nothing to spend it on something to go for What do you guys think of this idea???
  5. Has anyone gotten past this point? its right after u turn off the gas GT: NO xM E R C YxX
  6. I hope Shangri-La will be vary vague in the clues to the Easter egg, like Ascension because it made the hunt way more fun and longer because you really did not know if it was the end or not. I would also like it if there was not achievements for finishing the Easter egg, but just one for starting it. I think this would add a little more mystery as to when it ends.
  7. I think Sarah is a good addition to zombies, but i dont think all the little kids playing black ops will be able to contain them selfs. I can already vision going down as her and my teammates teabaging me. Oh and if there is a **** please report this topic, post **** on that ship...........well theres gonna be alot of jokes.
  8. Maybe it called "Call of the Dead" in English, because it takes pace in the US or UK
  9. Iv done the flytrap and hide&seek on the der reise in black ops, its just like it was in waw
  10. ZiipCode


    More likely the classic map pack for zombies
  11. I just played kino last night looking for eastereggs, before reading anything online about them. I found the three rocks quite easily as they make that buzzing sound. But when i did the third one in the dressing room area theres a window and if you look through it and listen, you can see a chest that sounds like someone is trapped inside. I say someone because it was knocking in Morris code SOS(help). I died soon afterwards so i didn't have time to investigate, iv looked around the site and i read that people have see this and that their is not much more to it. So maybe their is more to that easter egg and we did not expect it to be so complicated to trigger it until what we found out in Acension.
  12. When looking from under the map the PaP room is directly in line with the "Spinny" thing. So if you look at the window in the lower part of the spawn room that lines up with the "Spinny" thing , your looking at the opposite wall of PaP.
  13. Just had a new idea on sacrifice! Well after you get all the guns like the PaP Ray, Thunder, and crossbow to get the DMs what if you have to sacrifice your guns into the Pap Machine. Doing this by just putting them in and not grabbing them, i'v lost guns in their before but i'v never lost both of them, so i don't know if this is even possible or what happens if you do.
  14. Need 3 good zombie players with new ideas on what to do with the death machines Rules Can put in a lot of hours Friday 2/11/2011 Have a mic Knows what their doing Msg GT: NO xM E R C YxX put CODZ in ur message
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