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  1. i don't think you can do this anymore but i read somewhere that if u go down it works the same as packapunching it. so all you have is a pistol (wouldn't work with ray gun) doubt it works it did in WaW
  2. i don't think zombies can fling cuz i saw in the vid the zombies on the flinger died
  3. just a question but how would that work on pc? i agree with a poster either ehre or on another tread that its a scout perk because its a sniper based map (hold breath for longer) also for the ppl that say aim assist now goes for headshot? does that mean the pc ppl don't get it?
  4. i love it (well not really) when i go down on ascension with tons of casha nd teammates wont revive about round 20ish pack the pistols grab an m16 packed and flopper ftw
  5. i call some fire fun or a liquid gun because we've had 1 wunderwaffle-electric/lightning 2 thundergun-wind 3 winters howl-ice 4 ?????- fire/ liquid? liquid fire is more or less a flame thrower or lava
  6. i know that people that used their left hand were considered odd and that they were taught to use their right hand. There is also the thing that if u add the 1st two verses you said packapunch 6 guns before then 2nd coming of dogs? and if u go further and use all three you have to get to the power through the left side? just some thoughts
  7. Mate this is kino not ascension and btw whenever someone said the 6th i always posted that there was that grey one i think it has something to do with the fact that once i played and 7 extra green lights came on and i think i was messing with the fuse boxes that round. the 7 extra lights were as follows. In the 6 points of the spikes at the top where the wires from the roof meet them. Then the last one was in the base of the teleporter. I'm not sure what i did but there is a massive wire from the fuse box to the tele base like the one that runs from the tele to the mainframe theres my two bits
  8. Just thinking with the darts and all maybe they can be attached to to ballistic knife? like you need to get the ballistic knife and then there are darts on the wall that go in your claymore equipment spot. kinda like in single player with the explosive tipped crossbow bolts
  9. i've had it before ascension was even mentioned. i sometimes get it on kino i thought it was a referance to a zombie being blow up by a grenade.
  10. personally i like thunder gun but winters howl has the advantage of when you go down you can help our team mates while they revive
  11. Maybe when you get to the pressure pad you need the rockets thrust to launch it cuz i don't think the actual rocket sits on the pressure plate
  12. no way ndt in waw had no perks that what made it pretty hard
  13. Amen to that Gahh it fits just tooo perfectly but i don't think there's any way that 3arch would do that and then it was all a hallucination dream to which you wake up to... i don't have much to contribute but kino and stuff is set 20 years or so after der riese and i'm wondering about the time lapse ? because even if they were drugged that would have lasted for 20 years for things to keep them induced with buildings (the tower that can be veiwed from the alley in kino is from berlin and is also featured in the map berlin wal) that were built 20 years after they were put under and did they just go into a long term coma? and where? sorry i'm hoping this isn't true and trying to pick hoels but it just doesn't seem right to me but [brains] for the theory
  14. I know how you guys were talking about the red fuse boxes if you look at the 1 nearest the teleporter you can see that its sort of got a power cable going into it and when i played (this wass with a mate on PC) we were having fun and then i noticed that the teleporter has xtra lights on if you look at the top there is the 6 spikes coming out and i thought they were related to the fuse boxes and then there was a 7th in the base right in the middle of the circular base thing where there is those random different coloured circles There is also 7 shoot abel fuse boxes 6 red 1 gray 2 in the theater floor 2 through a zombie breakout point in the dressing room on the box side 1 in the fire trap room on the floor 1 near quick revive on the wall 1 (gray one) in the alley near the stops up towards the stage (opposite end to double tap on the left of the next door) Coincedentally 7 fuse boxes 7 xtra lights on the teleporter?
  15. a picture of the effects of a pack a punched wunderwaffle and then below (this is on the back) In Zombies there is no such thing as Overkill
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