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    SEVEN fuse boxes

    Well alright, I figured that my attempts at naming that seventh fuse box would be in vain, but it's better to point it out than leaving it hanging. I did try searching to see if anyone else noticed it but apparently I didn't search good enough. =P I'm new to this website also, which I'm sure has been noticed, so please forgive me for cluttering up the forum with previously stated observations. I'm just desperate to find out if there are any cool secrets to zombies. I was really hoping for some sort of boss in Kino once you hit round 100, but I didn't think there would be, because people could glitch to get there. Before I found out about this website I started becoming obsessed with finding out the secrets of zombies. Noticing things that many people had already discovered and shrugged off. I do have to say though, the mystery of zombies is what's keeping my interest in it. I've been hoping that Treyarch would have tried finding some kind of way of encrypting their game code so as to hide any tells that might give away secrets in zombies, forcing us to find out any and all secrets that the game may hold.
  2. ChromeGuitarist

    SEVEN fuse boxes

    Now I know people are probably getting tired of hearing about the fuse boxes on this game, but I have been seeing a bunch of people talking about 6 red fuse boxes, yet I haven't seen anyone mention the seventh. This is not some crappy prank or some false post, but there is a seventh. I can't name off hand the location of the original 6, but I can tell you about exactly where the seventh fuse box is and I will also note that this fuse box is gray. So let's say you start a new game, you head towards the alley right off the bat. Start heading towards the next door which leads up the stairs to the other meteorite surrounded by all the letters on the ground, but don't open the door. You're in the alley, directly infront of the next door, turn 90 degrees or so left, and there is a big wooden pole with a gray fuse box on it. If my memory serves me correctly, there are a couple symbols on it, and if you shoot this gray fuse box, is sparks just as the other 6 red ones do. Does this gray fuse box have any significance or is it just an environmental object? I don't know, but I never really got to do any testing with it. I just figured I'd point this box out because I have yet to see anyone else mention it. So if anyone is interested in running any tests with the fuse boxes again, maybe we could find something out. To my knowledge, all the fuse boxes can be hit without turning on the power except one. The reason I mention the power is because, if I remember right, the gray fuse box in the alley has a picture of a thunderbolt (obviously signifying electricity) or maybe even a marked out thunderbolt on it. I have no way of playing black ops myself right now, but once the gray fuse box opens, I think it also may have different things under the cover, such as actual tiny little switches. For all we know, we might have to hit all 6 red fuse boxes, THEN the gray one before turning on the power. Or possibly even the gray before the 6 red fuse boxes. I can't say for sure, as I said, I have no way of playing the game myself right now to help with anymore info, this is the best information I can give based off what I remember, and I have a pretty bad memory as it is. =( Edit: Now that I have pointed out this seventh fuse box, maybe people will be looking to see if we can find anymore gray ones like the one in the alley?

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