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    OMFG this is new? i knew this information 3 days before black ops came out. And i even posted that information on CoD headquaters ( http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... 6#p3732566 ) hothing23 is my email address, if you need any other proof go to youtube and search hothing23 and you're going to see my Black Ops videos....
  2. DA PIST0L23

    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Maybe shooting the moon is the key. and it looks like you have to do something after you lose your secondary,grenades etc.... you have to do something else but if you get downed it resets....this could also explain why you need certain weapon to power to cassimir (because you get stuck with that weapon)
  3. DA PIST0L23

    they're back!!!

    hopefully treyarch will monitor their leaderboards, unlike treyach. But any suspicious activity make sure to report

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