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  1. Looks like the gersch device is back, :mrgreen:
  2. I would agree, id much rather see more of woods but it appears reznov would fit in the picture.
  3. While i was looking at the blacked out picture, something struck me about the character in the pictures facial structure, as well as the way the hair is styled. If you take a look at that picture, you will notice that reznovs facial structure, cheekbone to be exact, seems to match the outline of the blacked out picture. While it isnt a very good angle of reznov you can still see the dimple on his right cheek from this angle, and if you look at his hair in the top left corner it seems to match the point looking part of the blacked out pictures outline where the characters hair should be. Theres also another picture id like to show you. Now ive seen a topic about this guy possibly being the person in the picture, but his head his more round, and the outline in the blacked out picture seems to have a crew cut or a haircut similar to reznov's. Also the area above his right ear is much shorter and much more curved leading up to his head than the outline in the blacked out picture. It also seems to make a little more sense with the announcement of rezzurection, possibly hinting to more easter eggs involving reznov. Let me know what you think! :mrgreen:
  4. http://forums.digitalwarfare247.com/ind ... urrection/ We have pics :mrgreen:
  5. Still need 3 players if im going to attempt this tonight, anyone game? :mrgreen:
  6. If i cant get 3 other players on tonight im going to attempt to do this, ill keep you all updated!
  7. Thanks! Im gonna try this tonight, i need 3 other pc players with ascension to do this with me, ill be recording with fraps and posting if something indeed happens! My steamid is Jewbacca :mrgreen:
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HePPCmWW ... re=related Could this be of any help to anyone? :mrgreen:
  9. This is a bit off topic, but since we are talking about ascension, i thought of a theory a month or two back involving releasing gersch during a monkey round. The thing i noticed about monkey rounds is when they are activated the voice says Security protocol online, as opposed to when it is not a monkey round, it is normalized. Ive just never seen anyone do the final part of the easter egg at the start or during a monkey round, and i thought it would be interesting to try, just my 2 cents :mrgreen:
  10. No no no, im not talking about sending the monkeys through the gersch device, im talking about freeing gersch ( final step of the easter egg ) at the start or during a monkey round. Because if you listen to the voice when the monkeys reenter the atmosphere, he says that the security protocol is online, so gersch wouldnt be able to be released as opposed to a regular round when the security protocol is normalized. Ive never seen or heard of this being done before, and just thought it would be worth a shot. Im on pc if anyone is willing to try with me.
  11. Im on pc and im willing to try, anyone else?
  12. I know most of you all are tired of hearing about the ascension easter egg, but ive been playing it quite a bit lately and became more interested in it. and i read a fellow codz members theory of releasing gersch during a monkey round when the security protocol is online. Ive never seen it attempted, and thought it was worth a shot. Please dont flame, just a theory :mrgreen:
  13. Bump, because the guy above me has an interesting idea that i havent heard of.
  14. This stuff is getting really old. " OMG U GUISE I DID IT" If you did, then give us proof, if not, then just gtfo, its very simple.
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