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  1. Nice finding, I thought I was going crazy from yesterday's code cracking upon seeing the hidden letters :D
  2. i think your over thinking just a tad bit :/. most of the clues from gknova6 were literally right in front of us just everyone over thought about certain things. If something has you digging across the web its probably not correct. treyarch wants you to speculate, think, more than search. Looking back at it, I sound like a lunatic xD I'm sorry about that...
  3. I was snooping around when I came across the same site perfectlemonade was talking about. I deleted everything past the .uk part and it shows test 1 and test 2. Inside those was hundreds files. Most of them named ILLUMINA. I don't know if it has to do with anything, but don't download any of the files. We don't know what they contain... EDIT: I was lurking and saw MOST of the files in the /ftp folder were modified TODAY. Hm... Interesting. ftp://ftp.1000genomes.ebi.ac.uk/vol1/ftp/ EDIT 2: They don't need to be downloaded. All are readable.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0zFqGLo ... ture=g-u-u Hmmmm... What now? And how in the world did he convert it?
  5. I haven't participated in this thread yet, but have been researching a bit. I looked up the hashtag #TACITUS on Twitter. May or may not mean anything, but it's always the small things. Just odd that this guy posted this a few days before the pic was published. Just my thought.
  6. Ny643

    The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    dead Island was a bit to linear for my taste. I wuld prefer a Fallout 3 type of game. Instant buy like ZOTD said. I suppose so, it did get really boring. But, there IS a storyline it must keep, so I suppose it's not that bad.
  7. Ny643

    The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    My first time back in a long time, and the first thread I lay eyes on happens to be about my favorite show Anyways, awesome show, although I'm having mixed feelings about the game that's coming out... I would prefer more of a Dead Island type game. Anyone else agree?
  8. Ny643

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    Minecraft User: Ny643. Count me in!
  9. Ny643

    CoDz Minecraft server now open!

    I'll DEFINITELY be joining... Going to be nice building stuff with fellow zombie-slayers! PS: Are we allowed to fly and spawn items?
  10. Ny643

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I would like to join the "Dempsey" Group and the map I would like to submit is Ascension, Round 40 exactly, no glitch used. Me and my friend just ran trains. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera, so is there any way you can add me and see for yourself? Xbox Gamertag: Ny643 Thank you so much and happy Zombie-Slaying!
  11. Ny643

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    Nice Idea, and a Deployable Sentry Gun does sound pretty beast.... And as far as the chainsaw goes.... :twisted: That'd Be EPIC! I can just imagine it right now.... sawing off a zombie's arm as it comes rushing towards you... Chainsaw=Win
  12. Ny643

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I just thought of a new perk that sounds pretty epic: A perk that allows you to "Roll" or "Somersault" around... Similar to Halo Reach's "Evade", you will have to wait until you recharge stamina and also have to recover from it... This is where the perk "Staminup" comes into play. Having Stamin-Up and Roll-a-Cola at the same time allows you to: -Recover Faster from somersaults -Let you do 1 extra somersault In order to somersault, a player must: Sprint Hold Forward Double Tap B Not that difficult... I'm at the end of my rope on this thread :\ What are some perks you guys and girls would like to see?
  13. Ny643

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    TBH I'm more surprised, I just came on here, expecting for some random noob to flame me off... Nope... found some smart people that don't flame... And yes, we have quite a few good ideas PS Does anyone know a program that I can use to create quality images besides paint and GIMP? I can't afford the $700.00 Photoshop right now... PSX2: "Nikolai's Special" :lol:
  14. Ny643

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    Hmmmm.... 10 Already filled farts... Possibly Nova Gas Farts? :lol:
  15. Ny643

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I like the idea of switching between ammo, I would assume it'd have to be right or down on the d-pad since those are the only unused buttons in zombies... On another note: How much ammo should come with it, and should the darts be retrievable?

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