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  1. Nice finding, I thought I was going crazy from yesterday's code cracking upon seeing the hidden letters :D
  2. i think your over thinking just a tad bit :/. most of the clues from gknova6 were literally right in front of us just everyone over thought about certain things. If something has you digging across the web its probably not correct. treyarch wants you to speculate, think, more than search. Looking back at it, I sound like a lunatic xD I'm sorry about that...
  3. I was snooping around when I came across the same site perfectlemonade was talking about. I deleted everything past the .uk part and it shows test 1 and test 2. Inside those was hundreds files. Most of them named ILLUMINA. I don't know if it has to do with anything, but don't download any of the files. We don't know what they contain... EDIT: I was lurking and saw MOST of the files in the /ftp folder were modified TODAY. Hm... Interesting. ftp://ftp.1000genomes.ebi.ac.uk/vol1/ftp/ EDIT 2: They don't need to be downloaded. All are readable.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0zFqGLo ... ture=g-u-u Hmmmm... What now? And how in the world did he convert it?
  5. I haven't participated in this thread yet, but have been researching a bit. I looked up the hashtag #TACITUS on Twitter. May or may not mean anything, but it's always the small things. Just odd that this guy posted this a few days before the pic was published. Just my thought.
  6. Yeah, as soon as I stopped recording I heard another whisper... Sounded a lot more... Intimidating. I couldn't make out what it said, but it sounded ominous...
  7. Yeah, I have a post about those same voices during a Dog Round on Shi No Numa too... Weird eh? Post: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16370 Lemme know whatcha think...
  8. The Dog Spawning noises were because it was a dog round, but honestly, it sounded like the explosions were Trench Guns or Grenades... Or it could just be the fact that the Dogs started dying due to no one to attack... Regards, Ny643
  9. First off, let me say that yes, there is a topic about this, but I am providing a video and more about this strange occurrence in SNN... I am outside the Doc's Quarters when it occurred. I don't know if this happens anywhere else in the map, although Camo Wildcat did mention he heard it coming from atop the stairs in the Main Hut as well... Original Thread by Camo Wildcat: viewtopic.php?t=531 Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JUOrnUNQaE When I first start recording, at about 00:15, u can hear, what sounds to be a 2-syllable word... What I thought it may be is, in a man's voice, the word "Whispers"... Also, at about 1:35 or so, you hear the same voice say something along the lines of "*undetermined* wants your soul..." I listened a few times and thought it may have said "Satan wants your soul." But if you think it may be something else, please don't be afraid to let the community know... You can hear another whisper at about 1:49 saying something that sounds like: "So Close..." You can hear the last whisper at about 2:29 saying, what seems to be, a 2-syllable word. I have no clue what it may have said as of right now... I'm eager to hear what you think... Regards, Ny643 PS. Yes, I jumped at every noise because I am using very, very good surround sound headphones PPS. And this is the PC version in case you didn't know...
  10. Ok, maybe this is not the right image, but if you go frame by frame then you can see a bit of a rectangle on top of it... If not, then oh well...
  11. When reviewing the Inside Xbox Video for Moon, I noticed something odd. At around 2:25, when Dempsey has the Commando, if you look at the ground on the bottom right hand corner, you can see what looks like a tomahawk. Now, there is the possibility that it is a Ballistic Knife, but from the shape of it, it looks like it COULD possibly be a tomahawk. Lemme know whatcha think... Screenshot:
  12. I would like to join the "Dempsey" Group and the map I would like to submit is Ascension, Round 40 exactly, no glitch used. Me and my friend just ran trains. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera, so is there any way you can add me and see for yourself? Xbox Gamertag: Ny643 Thank you so much and happy Zombie-Slaying!
  13. Oooohhhh yeahh.... i forgot about the dragon on the Shrinker... We gotta test this out soon...
  14. Regarding the 'Naga Dragons'... There are two dragons with water coming out of their mouths at the spawn... We may be on to something...
  15. WIN! [brains] just for that! Minecraft FTW... (And yes, wait for MP3...)
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