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  1. This is my step by step tutorial on how to get the thunder gun in campaign. So let’s begin First of all you have to unlock the mission “numbers”. When you start the game you will need to through all your grenades into the nova 6 gas to blow up all the nova 6 gas canisters. Once you have done that you will want to go behind the desk and take the cassette that is in the cassette player. Once you have gotten the cassette you need to proceed to the part where weaver moves the fridge for you. You will notice all the guns on the wall. Normally you would turn to get them but this time you will turn left and put the cassette in the cassette player and just stare at the wall and a thunder gun will appear on the wall before your eyes and you pick it up like any other gun. Hope you enjoyed this post credit on finding the idea goes to “thezombiekiller”
  2. As all probably know they have brought the classic zombie maps back in BO. As you all do know every classic zombie map had perks... EXEPT NDT they brought back all maps and stocked the box with BO weapons. but should they have expanded NDT and maybe even have put peks into it? i think it would have bean better in they even had only 1 or 2 perks (juggernog and speed) now im not just sayin speed because thats my user name. any ways what do you think perks or no perks? vote in my poll above!!!
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